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Address Mold Damage with Precision in Canoga Park

10/11/2022 (Permalink)

Microscopic view of mold spores A musty odor in your Canoga Park home can be a sign of mold damage. If you think you are dealing with mold damage, call SERVPRO to remediate.

Trust SERVPRO’s Mold Damage Restoration Techniques in Canoga Park

Once you spot visible mold in your Canoga Park property, you know it needs to get removed fast. However, it would help to remember that not all mold development is obvious, and it can be challenging to detect in some areas that are harder to reach. Some property owners may not notice black mold until they detect musty smells or a new renovation project uncovers mold infestation. These are some of the many reasons it is best to hire a skilled team like SERVPRO to handle your mold remediation project.

Why is it time to think about hiring SERVPRO for suspected mold damage in Canoga Park? Mishandling the damaged area can dislodge the spores and cause infestation elsewhere. Hiring a skilled crew to address any alleged mold within your building will get you the results you need – Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned!

How to Proceed if You Suspect Mold Growth Within Your Home or Business

Did you know that we get exposed to various types of mold spores daily – both indoors and outside? However, you still need trained mold remediation technicians to handle a mold issue so that you can get everything done as efficiently and safely as possible. Contact SERVPRO if you notice the following:

  • You smell musty, mold-like odors but cannot visibly see mold or a moisture problem.
  • You spot mold colonization within your workplace or home. Large or small, any area should have a mold inspection followed by a detailed plan for cleanup and sanitizing. 
  • You noticed a moisture problem or water leak that seems it may have been going on for a while.

Mold spreads rapidly in the right environment and with enough moisture. It can turn into various colonies throughout your property before you know it. Once mold spreads, it can damage your home’s foundation, structural elements, building materials, and belongings. To make it even worse, mold can spread fast into multiple zones of your home and still go undetected without professional intervention. 

Why SERVPRO Versus DIY Removals?

There is no such thing as total mold removal, as there are always spores everywhere we go. A DIY project is not a good idea because you can unsettle the spores and subject yourself to inhalation and other forms of exposure. SERVPRO arrives on your property with personal protective equipment and all the best mold remediation techniques to help you return your building to pre-mold infestation condition. 

While all mold damage calls are unique given the cause and design of your building, SERVPRO still follows protocols for mold remediation, which includes:

  • Emergency contact to mobilize our team to your property
  • Detailed inspection and assessment of mold damage (testing by professionals may be required)
  • Mold containment using barriers and negative air pressure
  • Air filtration with powerful HEPA filters
  • Removal of all mold-infested materials
  • Cleaning all belongings and contents
  • Complete cleanup, sanitizing, and deodorizing using EPA-registered antimicrobials and other products

It is important to note that before mold cleanup can begin, we must address the source of moisture or water – otherwise, the mold problem may come right back. We will also take the time to ensure no mold is festering within your ductwork that could end up circulating throughout your property once the HVAC system comes on.

When it comes to any mold damage suspected in your home or business, SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills is the team to call. You can reach us at any time by dialing (818) 998-1500.

Fire Damage Is No Match for Skilled Restoration in Canoga Park

10/11/2022 (Permalink)

Red fire extinguisher putting out a controlled fire in a black box Regardless of the level of fire damage your home in Canoga Park experienced, contact SERVPRO for remediation services.

Call SERVPRO to Your Canoga Park Home for Fire Damage Cleanup

Fire damaged homes call for prompt attention so that you can get your life back in order as soon as possible. SERVPRO realizes that Canoga Park residents that recently experienced a house fire will have many emotions and a lot to think about. You may wonder if it is safe to enter your home, how you can go about the insurance claims process, and if everything is lost. We're Faster to Any Size Disaster, offering the prompt attention your property deserves!

When your Canoga Park home encounters fire damage, you need to remember several things, including:

  • Never try cleaning electrical components or appliances that may have been close to heat, flames, or water.
  • Never try shampooing upholstery and carpeting or washing painted surfaces and walls.
  • Never turn on any lighting or ceiling fans because the wiring might be compromised.
  • Never consume any beverages or food items that may have been near heat, flames, or water.

Water Restoration and Fire Cleanup Go Hand-in-Hand

Water removal services and moisture control are necessary for most fire-related emergencies to bring your property back to pre-fire condition. As first responders extinguish the flames, high-pressure water and possibly chemicals are used to speed up fire-fighting efforts. SERVPRO inspects all areas to locate moisture, and our water restoration technicians (WRT) work to pull up standing water and charred debris with powerful pumps and extraction tools. 

SERVPRO always brings the right equipment for all fire cleanup projects to ensure the best results. We know that using professional equipment makes the difference in the results and cuts back on your claim's dollar amount. Time matters, so our industrial-grade equipment allows us to achieve our goals promptly. 

Before cleaning surfaces and belongings, pre-testing gets done. We can determine the correct cleaning method and products to salvage whatever is possible by pre-testing materials and surface areas. Our fire and smoke restoration technicians (FSRT) are well-versed when it comes to handling soiling from wet or dry smoke, protein-based smoke, fuel-oil soot, and other stubborn residues.

Rebuilding After Fire Damage to Your Home

With significant restoration projects, you need skilled contractors to take care of all reconstruction work. Due to the charred building materials and possible issues with structural elements after a fire, the project may call for controlled demolition. Our SERVPRO team works with trusted contractors in the local area so that your property can get back to pre-fire condition "Like it never even happened." 

We will also handle any temporary construction needs such as board-up and tarping to prevent further damage from the elements or vandals. Some of the various repair and reconstruction work that may be necessary with fire damage include:

  • Drywall removal and replacement
  • Carpet repair and installation
  • Flooring repair (tile, marble, wood, linoleum)
  • Roofing repair and replacement
  • Painting and sealing

Before your project wraps up, our IICRC-certified team follows protocols to handle sanitizing and deodorizing of all surfaces. Not only does this step leave your interior clean and safe for your family and pets, but it also eliminates any foul smoke odors getting left behind as a reminder of the fire event that took place. Our Green Fleet comes stocked with a range of deodorants like odor-counteractant beads and EPA-registered cleaning agents. We also have equipment handy to eliminate stubborn soot odors, including thermal foggers, ultra-low volume (ULV) foggers, air scrubbers, and hydroxyl generators.

SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills is here to address your house fire cleanup and fire damage restoration needs. Call us 24/7 at (818) 998-1500.

Avoid Costly Water Damage with Expert Help in Canoga Park

10/4/2022 (Permalink)

Water damage ceiling near a recessed light Water damage can occur on the ceiling or any part of your home; call SERVPRO in Canoga Park to remediate.

Canoga Park Residents Rely on SERVPRO for Water Damage Restoration

Whenever water infiltrates your Canoga Park home, the last thing you should do is wait to see if DIY methods alone will do the job. There is a timeline for water damage, where it not only migrates into dry spaces, but you also have to worry about materials degradation and black mold development. SERVPRO is there to ensure you have the rapid water cleanup you need to bring your interior back to pre-water loss condition, “Like it never even happened.”

Whether you have water damage in Canoga Park from a clean water source or experiencing black water from storm flooding, we have crews on standby to begin the assessment and cleanup. Give our customer care center a call, 24-hours a day, seven days a week, and we can mobilize our Green Fleet to your door within hours to get started.

What Type of Water is Present for Removal/Drying?

Three categories of water could impact your property. The type of water event that occurs determines the protocols and equipment our water restoration technicians (WRT) use to execute the job.

  • Category 1 – these are clean water events from spills and emergencies inside the home. Water may come from burst pipes, a slow piping leak, or a faulty appliance such as your water heater or a dishwasher supply line.
  • Category 2 – these are gray water events coming from water with light contamination, including your dishwasher, bathtub overflows, washing machines, etc.
  • Category 3 – these are black water events that include highly contaminated water. Fluids for cleanup in a black water situation may consist of flooding, sewage backup, and water that comes into contact with chemicals and other contaminants during the event.

With any category 3 water removal situation, we initiate safety protocols to keep our team and residents safe. Not only do we eliminate any safety hazards from the worksite, but we also gather the necessary personal protective equipment to wear. This includes rubber gloves, boots, full-body suits, eye protection, and respirators.

  • Should water damage be from black water, our IICRC-certified technicians will remove any saturated carpet and the padding below to dispose of it.
  • We may dispose of the carpet padding in a gray water situation and determine if the carpeting can get salvaged using specialized cleaning and drying techniques.

Drying is an Integral Part of Any Water Cleanup Project

As water extraction begins, we formulate a plan for our drying goal. We do this by measuring the humidity in the air, taking readings to determine moisture content, and factoring in the number of dehumidifiers and air movers we need to reach our goals. Airflow is critical for any restoration project, and effectively drying your structure means understanding the best techniques for airflow for the drying process.

Throughout the water restoration job, our team adjusts the equipment placement, adding or subtracting as we go to get the correct humidity levels for optimum drying. We may also remove baseboards to handle any water trapped behind walls in certain situations.

Let Our Contents Cleaning Team Get to Work

Whenever your belongings have been impacted by water intrusion, you need everything dried and cleaned accordingly. Not only do we offer pack-out services to move items off-site for safekeeping during the restoration, but we also take the time to clean and dry anything that the water touched. When we get done, everything gets moved back into place.

SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills can be reached by dialing (818) 998-1500. We are here around the clock for rapid water damage assistance.

Why is Water Mitigation So Important for Canoga Park Restoration Projects?

10/3/2022 (Permalink)

water damaged hardwood Unchecked water can cause hardwood flooring to buckle and warp.

SERVPRO Wants Canoga Park Residents to Know Water Removal is Just One Step in the Mitigation and Restoration Process

Having a water spillage event in your Canoga Park home means you need skilled water restoration technicians (WRT). SERVPRO takes pride in rapid response and proven methods so that we can help area residents and business owners with mitigation, removal, and restoration for any water-related incident.

Once you call us for water mitigation in Canoga Park, water removal is the first vital step following the assessment. We must extract water from your home while considering the migration path to stop traveling moisture in its tracks. We use powerful extractors and pumps to execute water removal services, including careful attention paid to hard flooring, carpeting, and rugs.

However, we want you to know that water removal is just one aspect of water damage restoration. To successfully mitigate the damage, we must also dry and clean your home to restore relative humidity, eliminate the possibility of secondary damage, and keep mold and mildew from developing. Consider the following:

  • Our technicians must check beneath and inside wooden flooring to ensure no water has been allowed to pool. Failing to do so could lead to warping, cupping, or buckling the materials.
  • Our technicians must check inside walls to ensure no internal water damage, including saturation of drywall and moisture pooling behind baseboards.
  • Our technicians must check other areas like drapes, furnishings, and carpeting for any damp spots. These can all be prime locations for mold development should moisture be allowed to linger.

During our water mitigation and restoration process, SERVPRO’s IICRC-certified technicians take regular readings and adjust our drying and dehumidification equipment accordingly so that we can achieve our goals. Once everything is dry and restored, all surfaces get cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized to ensure your interior gets left “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills can be reached by calling (818) 998-1500 around the clock. We are your answer when you seek the best water mitigation and restoration result.

Back to Business in Closter with Pro Water Damage Restoration

8/17/2022 (Permalink)

inside of cafe SERVPRO knows that each commercial setting is unique and can adapt our methods to restore any water damage incurred.

Canoga Park Commercial Properties Trust SERVPRO for Water Damage Restoration

Water leaks that develop in any commercial setting can lead to damage and throw your entire process off balance. Whether you run a retail space, production facility, or commercial kitchen, you want to stay open for your Canoga Park customers even if a water emergency occurs. SERVPRO provides detailed water removal services and reconstruction, so your business sees little to no downtime. Hiring us to handle your water damage ensures you never miss a beat – We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Failing to begin water damage restoration in your Canoga Park commercial space as soon as possible sets you up for potential mold growth and costly secondary damage. SERVPRO is here to quickly restore all areas of your business impacted by water so that you can keep customers happy and your staff from missing out on a paycheck they count on.

Containment and mitigation in commercial buildings

We know that each commercial setting is unique, so our technicians adapt accordingly to ensure we achieve our goals using measures like:

  • Cordoning off the work zone away from clients, inventory, machinery, etc.
  • Containment helps us limit the tracking of potential contaminants and debris into unaffected areas of your business.
  • Specialized extractions and drying to ensure no stone gets left unturned.
  • Thorough disinfection of all surfaces to ensure the safety of your staff and all patrons who visit your establishment.

What about foul, musty odors?

There are bound to be odors left behind with a water emergency. However, SERVPRO has odor control technicians (OCT) that address indoor air quality (IAQ) and eliminate all odors rather than masking them with industrial-grade products and equipment like air scrubbers and ultra-low volume (ULV) foggers.

Be confident in SERVPRO when you need help with water damage restoration. Call SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills at (818) 998-1500, and we can be at your commercial property ready to work within hours.

Repairing Flood Damage in Bell Canyon

8/17/2022 (Permalink)

water damaged hardwood floor SERVPRO begins restoration by testing the moisture content and bringing down the humidity of the room.

SERVPRO's Process for Restoring Hardwood Floors after Flood Damage

Flooding around Bell Canyon can occur, just like in many other cities in our area. The water left afterward has been relatively clean, but some homes have had to deal with mud and other contaminants that make cleaning and restoration more difficult. Most damage still comes from the time water soaks into the property.

Restoring hardwood floors in Bell Canyon after flood damage takes the right equipment, training, and experience. SERVPRO has created a checklist based on our twenty-plus years in the restoration business to get the best possible results.

Cupping, warping, and buckling begin in floorboards after flooding. If we can quickly remove the water and dry the floorboards, the damage remains minor, and we can repair or eliminate it. Before we can begin any work, the moisture content of the wood must be twelve percent or less. We test this with specially designed moisture meters. If the content is higher, we have to lower it, or our efforts further damage the floorboards.

Our first step is to reduce the room's humidity to less than forty-five percent. SERVPRO technicians set dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the air and then set up air movers to carefully force warm, dry air underneath and over the floorboards.

Next, we bring the humidity to under twenty percent. At this point, further damage stops, and the chance for mold growth significantly drops. Once we test the humidity at fifteen percent, we bring in space heaters to raise the inside temperature to increase evaporation. If the varnish on the floor slows evaporation, we use a pin roller to pierce it in areas with little foot traffic and corners.

Now, we can repair and restore the floorboards. We can sand down minor damage for cupping and warping and then apply new varnish to even out the appearance. If the damage is significant, we replace the affected piece. Buckling is more severe than cupping or warping; it twists the wood and can even push other floorboards out of place. In most cases, we must replace the piece with a new one sanded down to match.

Restoring your wood floors after flooding is time-consuming, but it is much more cost-efficient than replacing them. For more information on what SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills can do for your home, call us at (818) 998-1500.

Water Damage in Your Winnetka Apartment Building Can Harm Your Personal Belongings

8/17/2022 (Permalink)

water o floor, door open SERVPRO helps those in our community protect their property from all kinds of water damage.

Water Damage in Your Apartment Building

Apartment homes come with both benefits and drawbacks. What tenants do inside their own abodes can sometimes affect other Winnetka residents. Because water spreads so quickly, if another tenant's tub overflows, it can also pose problems for you.

It won't be possible for you to prevent your belongings in your apartment from becoming affected by water damage in Winnetka when the water comes from another apartment. Invading water can sneak in slowly, under walls, and up through carpeting. Furniture legs or frames pressing down on the carpet can absorb considerable water. If made of particle board, this can quickly swell and warp the finish.

While water damage to furniture can become costly, damage to the belongings inside can pose even more significant hardships. We at SERVPRO can help by helping you pack up these items and then move them to a safe and dry location, either in another room, unaffected by the water, or at our warehouse. We can protect any damaged items similarly.

However, sometimes water on surfaces that invades your living area can come in so much that the air also becomes saturated. This can damage items you may not have considered at risk when you became aware of the problem. Secondary water damage can include mildew spotting of fabric wall hangings, curtains, and bedspreads. Canopied beds can also develop this same problem. But no worries! We can launder these more substantial items, including rugs and fabric shower curtains.

If elevated water levels seem likely in your dwelling's future, we can install an energy-efficient and low-maintenance dehumidifier to help prevent future damage from affecting your belongings. We can discuss this and other options while you live in an apartment setting.

SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills helps those in our community protect their property from all kinds of water damage. Events such as these can create problems for months to come if not mitigated promptly and correctly. Call us at (818) 998-1500 to find out how we can help you save your belongings from the damaging effects of water.

Removing Flood Damage from Canoga Park Residences

7/24/2022 (Permalink)

a flooded living room with the furniture floating around the dirty water If your house is flooded, don’t panic. SERVPRO has certified technicians and professional equipment to handle any situation. Contact us 24/7.

Flood Damage Requires Widespread Cleanup

Cleaning up after flooding involves the removal of debris and building materials impacted by the disaster. Restoring your home after this water intrusion requires several phases of cleaning and recovery beginning as soon as our technicians first arrive at the address.

Clearing Standing Water

Removing standing water is one of the largest mitigation obstacles for flood damage in Canoga Park. Powerful units are needed to manage several inches, or even feet, of pooling in house rooms. The faster water can be pulled from the building, the more likely non-porous building materials can be saved and cleaned, though porous elements like drywall will likely need to be replaced. Debris in the water presents additional challenges, making it impossible to use the full measure of our extractor inventory to help.

Discarding Bulk Materials

Despite additional factors like contamination, saturated materials pose a concern for restoration professionals. Flood damage removal and cleanup in some cases means controlled demolition. Sagging materials and deterioration building elements threaten those in the immediate area for collapse or weakening, so SERVPRO professionals must remove them and discard them. Some affected materials might include:

  • Drywall
  • Carpeting
  • Insulation
  • Acoustic Ceiling

Resolving Residues and Soil Deposits

Flood cleanup and removal also means eliminating surface residues, staining, and potential contaminants. Surface restoration is one of the most important elements of post-flood cleaning. We have multiple disinfectants, sanitizing products, chlorine-based cleaners, and quaternary compounds to help eliminate flood soils without harming the surface underneath them. 

Flood damage cleanup can refer to many of the services and actions our SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills professionals take when reaching a home. Regardless of how the flooding occurred, we are a preferred choice to help with our fast response and experience in water recovery. Give our team a call now at (818) 998-1500.

In Canoga Park, Six Places Where Mold Remediation Could Be Needed

7/24/2022 (Permalink)

mold growing on the wall next to an electrical outlet If you’ve spotted mold in your home it needs to be dealt with fast and efficiently. Call SERVPRO for professional remediation and mitigation services.

Why SERVPRO for Mold Damage Remediation in Your Home

Mold remediation in Canoga Park is the outcome when too much water or moisture contacts a food source offering mold spores opportunities to colonize into a problem.

Though mold growth is less of an issue in this part of southern California, it is still an economically impactful occurrence. SERVPRO points out that mold proliferation in Canoga Park can lead to material damage to the structure and possible health effects to the residents if left untreated. Diligently inspecting the hot spots for mold growth can mitigate the chances of having to call SERVPRO for mold removal and sanitization of your property.

  • Bathroom. It is easy for mold to thrive in your bathroom because this is a region of the property where a high amount of moisture is produced. Mold can grow in several bathroom settings, including the ceilings, walls, shower curtains, wet towels, toilet, and sink.
  • Tiny leaks behind the fridge in the ice-maker water line, near the dishwasher with temperature variations, and under the sink can create the moist environment necessary for mold growth.
  • Poor seals allow moisture and condensation on window panes if relative humidity (RH) is too high inside the structure. Molds can thrive near the edges of wood or metal-framed windows. The condensation will typically accumulate on the frames and sills of your windows. When left unchecked, mold can start to grow.
  • Substandard insulation allows higher temperatures that will raise the RH. Attics with roof leaks, poor ventilation, or drain tile issues are susceptible to undetected mold growth.
  • Exposure to moisture from leaks, overflowing water from plants, floor cracks, or floods. Quick suction action may prevent discarding of the carpet and padding.
  • Laundry Room. Washing machine leaks from supply lines or the drainage line are common. Periodically replace these. A clothes dryer with clogged filters from lint will not dissipate the heat properly, causing insufficient drying time, wasted electricity, and higher ambient RH.

Why Choose SERVPRO for mold remediation services?

A significant mold infestation must be dealt with safely by wearing protective clothing and gear. Containment is crucial to prevent spores from circulating throughout the structure. We utilize specialized industrial-grade equipment such as negative air pressure machines, dehumidifiers, air movers, air scrubbers, and fogging machines. The result is no musty odor and a sanitized, safe home. The SERVPRO professional technicians are corporate trained and acquire IICRC certification in many aspects of cleaning and mold removal techniques. Call us for a complimentary mold inspection.

SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills uses advanced mold remediation techniques and equipment. Our advanced equipment helps to detect and stop the source of water feeding the mold in Canoga Park. We then isolate the affected area using a negative air pressure chamber. We are proud to serve the communities of Canoga Park and West Hills with 24/7 service. Call us. (818) 998-1500

Canoga Park Fire Damage Advice

7/24/2022 (Permalink)

a house on fire with smoke billowing from two upstairs windows After a fire in your home, you need to deal with the fire damage immediately. SERVPRO technicians are here to help. Contact us 24/7.

SERVPRO Can Adeptly Restore Your Canoga Park Fire Damaged Home

Although many people believe that their homes are safe from fire, nothing could be further from the truth. Canoga Park fire damage can occur at your property at any moment. Being prepared to grapple with the aftermath of an intense fire damaging event can be intimidating and heart-wrenching. To ensure that your property is not destroyed or subjected to severe damage following a fire, quickly hire a professional fire damage restoration service. SERVPRO points out some benefits that result from taking this course of action:

Preventing Future Health Challenges

One great benefit of securing a professional fire damage restoration company in Canoga Park like SERVPRO is quickly addressing the ambient air issues post-fire. Unfortunately, soot and smoke can adversely impact all areas of your home via the HVAC system. Though the flames and the fire damage may be localized, smoke and soot can be all invasive. The ambient air of your home may be compromised, necessitating professional know-how and equipment to render it once again safe and sanitary.

Property Restoration

Hiring a professional fire damage company is necessary for the comprehensive property restoration services they can offer. Unfortunately, the smoke, heat, and flames of the fire can do severe damage to your belongings and property. In some cases, your home may become structurally unsound following the fire, thereby making your property unsafe for occupying. Professional fire damage experts from SERVPRO correct this issue by working with both you and your insurance provider, upon both your approval, to restore the property. This cooperation helps you with your claim, limits out-of-pocket expenses, and expedites the fire damage restoration process. 

Water Removal and Water Damage Repair

When firefighters come to your property to put the fire out, they'll flood your home with water. This water can cause a lot of property damage unless you hire a team of experts to initiate rapid water extraction. For example, standing water can cause mold and mildew growth or create secondary water damage to structural materials and personal possessions. By utilizing heavy-duty water pumps, wet vacs, sump pumps, air movers, and dehumidifiers, we can quickly remove excess water and moisture. 

Although fires can destroy some of your belongings and property, quick and comprehensive fire damage restoration efforts can mitigate the losses. Call the professional, IICRC-certified technicians of SERVPRO. We'll work with speed and skill to restore your property to its preloss condition in an empathetic and economical manner.

Our Fire Damage Restoration Services

Every fire damage situation is a little different and requires a unique solution. When various materials burn, the soot they create differs significantly and requires a specific cleaning procedure. Learn more about our fire damage restoration process. SERVPRO of Canoga Park/West Hills is proud to serve our local communities of Canoga Park, West Hills, and Bell Canyon with all water, mold, and fire damage needs. Call us 24/7 for help at (818) 998-1500.