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Avoid Costly Water Damage with Expert Help in Canoga Park

2/21/2023 (Permalink)

Water damage ceiling near a recessed light Water damage can occur on the ceiling or any part of your home; call SERVPRO in Canoga Park to remediate.

Canoga Park Residents Rely on SERVPRO for Water Damage Restoration

Whenever water infiltrates your Canoga Park home, the last thing you should do is wait to see if DIY methods alone will do the job. There is a timeline for water damage, where it not only migrates into dry spaces, but you also have to worry about materials degradation and black mold development. SERVPRO is there to ensure you have the rapid water cleanup you need to bring your interior back to pre-water loss condition, “Like it never even happened.”

Whether you have water damage in Canoga Park from a clean water source or experiencing black water from storm flooding, we have crews on standby to begin the assessment and cleanup. Give our customer care center a call, 24-hours a day, seven days a week, and we can mobilize our Green Fleet to your door within hours to get started.

What Type of Water is Present for Removal/Drying?

Three categories of water could impact your property. The type of water event that occurs determines the protocols and equipment our water restoration technicians (WRT) use to execute the job.

  • Category 1 – these are clean water events from spills and emergencies inside the home. Water may come from burst pipes, a slow piping leak, or a faulty appliance such as your water heater or a dishwasher supply line.
  • Category 2 – these are gray water events coming from water with light contamination, including your dishwasher, bathtub overflows, washing machines, etc.
  • Category 3 – these are black water events that include highly contaminated water. Fluids for cleanup in a black water situation may consist of flooding, sewage backup, and water that comes into contact with chemicals and other contaminants during the event.

With any category 3 water removal situation, we initiate safety protocols to keep our team and residents safe. Not only do we eliminate any safety hazards from the worksite, but we also gather the necessary personal protective equipment to wear. This includes rubber gloves, boots, full-body suits, eye protection, and respirators.

  • Should water damage be from black water, our IICRC-certified technicians will remove any saturated carpet and the padding below to dispose of it.
  • We may dispose of the carpet padding in a gray water situation and determine if the carpeting can get salvaged using specialized cleaning and drying techniques.

Drying is an Integral Part of Any Water Cleanup Project

As water extraction begins, we formulate a plan for our drying goal. We do this by measuring the humidity in the air, taking readings to determine moisture content, and factoring in the number of dehumidifiers and air movers we need to reach our goals. Airflow is critical for any restoration project, and effectively drying your structure means understanding the best techniques for airflow for the drying process.

Throughout the water restoration job, our team adjusts the equipment placement, adding or subtracting as we go to get the correct humidity levels for optimum drying. We may also remove baseboards to handle any water trapped behind walls in certain situations.

Let Our Contents Cleaning Team Get to Work

Whenever your belongings have been impacted by water intrusion, you need everything dried and cleaned accordingly. Not only do we offer pack-out services to move items off-site for safekeeping during the restoration, but we also take the time to clean and dry anything that the water touched. When we get done, everything gets moved back into place.

SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills can be reached by dialing (818) 998-1500. We are here around the clock for rapid water damage assistance.

Why is Water Mitigation So Important for Canoga Park Restoration Projects?

10/3/2022 (Permalink)

Unchecked water can cause hardwood flooring to buckle and warp.

SERVPRO Wants Canoga Park Residents to Know Water Removal is Just One Step in the Mitigation and Restoration Process

Having a water spillage event in your Canoga Park home means you need skilled water restoration technicians (WRT). SERVPRO takes pride in rapid response and proven methods so that we can help area residents and business owners with mitigation, removal, and restoration for any water-related incident.

Once you call us for water mitigation in Canoga Park, water removal is the first vital step following the assessment. We must extract water from your home while considering the migration path to stop traveling moisture in its tracks. We use powerful extractors and pumps to execute water removal services, including careful attention paid to hard flooring, carpeting, and rugs.

However, we want you to know that water removal is just one aspect of water damage restoration. To successfully mitigate the damage, we must also dry and clean your home to restore relative humidity, eliminate the possibility of secondary damage, and keep mold and mildew from developing. Consider the following:

  • Our technicians must check beneath and inside wooden flooring to ensure no water has been allowed to pool. Failing to do so could lead to warping, cupping, or buckling the materials.
  • Our technicians must check inside walls to ensure no internal water damage, including saturation of drywall and moisture pooling behind baseboards.
  • Our technicians must check other areas like drapes, furnishings, and carpeting for any damp spots. These can all be prime locations for mold development should moisture be allowed to linger.

During our water mitigation and restoration process, SERVPRO’s IICRC-certified technicians take regular readings and adjust our drying and dehumidification equipment accordingly so that we can achieve our goals. Once everything is dry and restored, all surfaces get cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized to ensure your interior gets left “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills can be reached by calling (818) 998-1500 around the clock. We are your answer when you seek the best water mitigation and restoration result.

Water Damage in Your Winnetka Apartment Building Can Harm Your Personal Belongings

8/17/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO helps those in our community protect their property from all kinds of water damage.

Water Damage in Your Apartment Building

Apartment homes come with both benefits and drawbacks. What tenants do inside their own abodes can sometimes affect other Winnetka residents. Because water spreads so quickly, if another tenant's tub overflows, it can also pose problems for you.

It won't be possible for you to prevent your belongings in your apartment from becoming affected by water damage in Winnetka when the water comes from another apartment. Invading water can sneak in slowly, under walls, and up through carpeting. Furniture legs or frames pressing down on the carpet can absorb considerable water. If made of particle board, this can quickly swell and warp the finish.

While water damage to furniture can become costly, damage to the belongings inside can pose even more significant hardships. We at SERVPRO can help by helping you pack up these items and then move them to a safe and dry location, either in another room, unaffected by the water, or at our warehouse. We can protect any damaged items similarly.

However, sometimes water on surfaces that invades your living area can come in so much that the air also becomes saturated. This can damage items you may not have considered at risk when you became aware of the problem. Secondary water damage can include mildew spotting of fabric wall hangings, curtains, and bedspreads. Canopied beds can also develop this same problem. But no worries! We can launder these more substantial items, including rugs and fabric shower curtains.

If elevated water levels seem likely in your dwelling's future, we can install an energy-efficient and low-maintenance dehumidifier to help prevent future damage from affecting your belongings. We can discuss this and other options while you live in an apartment setting.

SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills helps those in our community protect their property from all kinds of water damage. Events such as these can create problems for months to come if not mitigated promptly and correctly. Call us at (818) 998-1500 to find out how we can help you save your belongings from the damaging effects of water.

How to Handle Water Damage Odors in Canoga Park

6/20/2022 (Permalink)

Water Drops Lead to Water Damage in Canoga Park Properties--Call SERVPRO for Restoration

Preserving Belongings, Structures, and Air Quality Are Factors in Restoration and Cleanup Post Leaks and Floods

When combating water damage, there are so many different areas that you need to deal with appropriately. If you have had past experiences with such issues, you probably know it can be very challenging, and that is why you need professionals to help you. Canoga Park is prone to water damage, and you should be familiar with the necessary steps you need to take.

While dealing with water damage in Canoga Park, you must ask yourself one simple question. How clean is clean?

There are three levels of cleanliness: sanitary, disinfected, and sterile clean. Achieving a sterile environment is challenging, and only hospital operating rooms usually manage to reach this pure state. On the other hand, sanitary clean is always viewed as the most appropriate state, but it is not ideal. What you need to achieve after experiencing water damage is disinfected clean. At that level, 99% of all contamination is absent. 

At SERVPRO, we achieve a disinfected level of cleanliness by using state-of-the-art technology and appropriate chemicals while deodorizing and combating smells. When tackling odors, the first step is identifying and removing the source. Although it sounds simple enough, it can be very complicated when you fail to recognize the source. You may also manage to detect the smell but not be in a position to know how exactly to do away with the odor. Thermal fogging, ozone machines, and hydroxyl generators are some of the equipment used by SERVPRO to reach these ends.

You also need the right technology to ensure your residence is completely dry. We use air movers, dehumidifiers, and so much more to accomplish the cleanliness state that you deserve. Air moving equipment requires professional handling, and that is what you get when you hire experts. At SERVPRO, our goal is to dry your home to preloss condition and remove as many bacteria, pathogens, mold spores, and other organisms as possible. 

SERVPRO of Canoga Park/ West Hills is an excellent choice when you need to combat smells during water damage. Call us at (818) 998-1500 to get quality water damage service and highly qualified staff to tend to your every need.

A Guide to Performing Water Damage Repair in Canoga Park

3/15/2022 (Permalink)

Leaking pipes are a leading cause of water damage. SERVPRO is always available to restore your home.

Water Damage Repair in Canoga Park is Easier with SERVPRO's Help

After a pipe burst, my home has water damage, and I need immediate assistance. Which firm has proper water damage repair skills and equipment to restore my property?

Hiring SERVPRO is the right decision to make when you need water damage repair services in Canoga Park. Our technicians respond quickly to begin water damage restoration before a residence incurs too much damage. Mold infestation is one of the greatest fears after water damage. It is not easily noticeable and can cause health effects to you and your family.

Potentially harmful bacteria may also develop in a water-damaged environment. Our SERVPRO technicians can recognize potential risks and take the following measures to bring things back to normal:

  • Water removal
  • Drying
  • Disinfection
  • Reconstruction
  • Water removal

Our team can inspect the ruined areas and then use pumps or wet/dry vacuums to remove all the standing water on your property. We can also attach stationary tools to extraction equipment. These devices can expel water from carpets and pads using only the restoration professional's weight standing upon them. A vacuum system is attached to the stationary tool, and it pulls water through a series of small holes in the base of the unit.


After removing the water, we begin the drying process. We dry all the affected surfaces effectively using air moving and dehumidifying equipment. Our restorers monitor each phase of the drying process to ensure that proper drying takes place. We can provide moisture maps, document moisture levels, and photograph drying for your insurer.


Our SERVPRO restoration team can clean and use disinfectants to disinfect all the affected structures and contents to eliminate contaminants from stagnant water.


If the water damaged walls or floors, we could reconstruct them. We are a full-service restoration firm.

When water damage happens in your home, you can trust SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills to restore it as quickly as possible. Call us anytime at (818) 998-1500.

Essential Considerations for Water Mitigation in Canoga Park Homes

2/6/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO uses the latest technology and equipment for every water damage mitigation service we provide. No matter the size of disaster, we will help.

SERVPRO Sends Highly Trained Water Restoration Technicians to Canoga Park Homes

Water intrusion may seem trivial, especially if the amount involved is not that significant. However, taking any incident at your Canoga Park home lightly can lead to significant problems as the physical damages and inconveniences build-up to unexpected levels.

Appropriately planning the water mitigation at your Canoga Park home is one way to prevent extreme damages. An alternative reason for better planning is to improve convenience after an incident. SERVPRO has significant experience handling such incidents, so it is easier to identify problems and the best solutions.

Some essential things to note when planning water mitigation include:

  • Indoor air quality deteriorates in wet properties
  • Moisture modifies most materials physically or chemically
  • Even clean water can lead to contamination

Water constantly evaporates from wet materials or pools on surfaces at room temperatures, thus driving indoor humidity levels up. Humid air is detrimental to materials and amplifies any smells in the house. Our SERVPRO teams consider such factors when planning the mitigation process.

Well planned water mitigation is segmented into stages, including: 

Removing most of the intruding water early enough improves the outcome of water mitigation exercises since it limits the time moisture interacts with materials. Water extraction requires sufficient power. Our SERVPRO technicians use various pumps and accessories such as carpet and squeegee wands to extract water trapped in different house sections. 

Your home needs cleaning after water intrusion. If the intruding water is from an unclean source, it deposits dissolved soils in the property. Alternatively, soils like dust can be swept from hidden areas spreading them over the house. Deterioration such as dyes bleeding or metals rusting also leads to soling. Cleaning takes care of all these issues.

SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills expertly manages water mitigation exercises restoring properties to their preloss state. You can reach us at (818) 998-1500 when you need assistance. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Sewage and Water Damage Cleanup in West Hills Homes Needs Professional Care

11/26/2021 (Permalink)

Sewer and toilet backup issues are best handled by professionals. Call SERVPRO to quickly assess the situation and formulate a remediation plan.

SERVPRO Can Extract Hazardous Water in West Hills Properties Safely

Of all the types of damage from water that can affect a West Hills property, sewage-tainted issues are by far one of the most dangerous kinds of mitigation that SERVPRO technicians handle. This type of water carries a rating as a class three biohazard and can hold a variety of bacteria and pathogens with the potential to cause harm or illness.

SERVPRO technicians have decades of experience dealing with sewage-tainted water damage restoration services in West Hills homes. Some of the most common reasons for this type of water in a home come from 

  • Toilet backup
  • Sewer mainline blockage
  • Flooding from groundwater that contains raw sewage    

Scoping the structure is vital to ensure that all home areas get addressed where the water is located. In particular, probes for under flooring and infrared cams that can show temperature changes behind walls are beneficial for ensuring that none of the moisture gets left behind.

The airborne water vapor can be as hazardous as the water within the structure. SERVPRO IICRC-certified technicians wear head-to-toe protective equipment, including respirators, to handle the cleanup in properties with contaminated water and to ensure they do not aspirate anything harmful. Containment around the worksite is another common feature during this type of cleanup. This action halts the potential for cross-contamination within the structure.

The techs use proprietary liquid solutions to treat the water to make it safer to handle during extraction and clean surfaces that come into contact with the water. The three most common agents to see during this type of water damage mitigation include antimicrobial, disinfectants, and sanitizing solutions. 

SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills at  (818) 998-1500 has the training and professional water damage restoration services to safely handle contaminated water within West Hills properties. The certified techs arrive promptly and make the damage to the home, "Like it never even happened."

How Can You Tell if Water is Trapped in Your Canoga Park Home?

11/5/2021 (Permalink)

When excess water gets trapped in your walls, damage quickly ensues. Contact SERVPRO to detect and remediate water damage in your home.

Removing Trapped Moisture is Vital to Prevent Losses Like Mold Growth in Canoga Park Properties

Trapped and bound water in your house can ultimately deteriorate hosting building elements and contents. We must respond and react quickly where absorbed moisture is believed to be to prevent this degradation and secondary effects like microbial growth. Restoring the property to its original condition means appreciating where focused drying attention is necessary.

Moisture Detection Tools and Equipment

Identifying where moisture damage exists when we first arrive can be among the vital mitigation steps that improve water restoration in Canoga Park homes. As challenging as trapped moisture can ultimately be, a combination of devices must get used to track the presence of damp pockets and migrating water like thermal imagery, surface meters, and probing moisture detectors.

Flood Cuts and Controlled Demolition

Providing access to the damaged areas of a house can be crucial to improving the restorability of materials. Our general contractor license allows us to complete a range of controlled demolition actions, including flood cuts. Removing several inches of water-damaged drywall and baseboard trim allows for access with our special cavity-drying tools.

Special Equipment for Drying Structural Cavities

While we can drill holes in the drywall behind baseboards for access with special drying equipment, more widespread threats are better overcome by using a combination of powerful drying tools. These promote evaporation and humidity regulation in damaged structural cavities where damp materials exist. Some of the equipment used here includes:

  • Positive pressure systems
  • Negative pressure systems
  • Low-profile centrifugal air movers
  • Desiccant dehumidifiers

Whether water damage reaches structural cavities like wall systems, flooring systems, or ceilings, our professionals need to work fast to overcome these concerns. Our SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills has several drying tools and mitigating strategies to make it “Like it never even happened.” Call us today at (818) 998-1500.

Three Vital Mitigation Actions for West Hills Homes After Water Damage

10/29/2021 (Permalink)

Regardless of which direction the water came in from, team SERVPRO can help. Contact our technicians 24/7 for effective water removal services.

Mitigating Loss Often Falls to Three Specific Approaches Happening in Damaged West Hills Properties

It is always wise to act fast when water damage occurs. Mitigation can take many forms, and each of these emergency services helps shorten the ultimate restoration and recovery time to a more manageable situation. Emergency services also help to improve the efficiency of specific restoration tasks like:

  • Drying
  • Deodorization
  • Reconstruction
  • Mold removal

Removing At-Risk Contents 

Among the first stages of water damage mitigation in West Hills is assessing the threat to exposed contents and personal belongings. Relocation can be a quick and simple step to protect these items when considerable harm is possible. In addition to moving these contents to a new area of the residence, we can also provide focused cleaning and restoration of personal belongings at our nearby SERVPRO facility.

Extracting Standing Surface Water

Another focal point of mitigation after water damages is the need to remove standing water from the house. We have clear extraction plans that use several tools and machines from our industry-leading recovery inventory, such as submersible pumps and vacuums. Surface water elimination protects the exposed flooring and wall system materials.

Controlled Demolition and Repairs 

As leading restoration IICRC-certified professionals in the area, much of our action is intended to prevent the need for tear-out and reconstruction. When these outcomes are inevitable, we have a general contractor license to provide a wealth of build-back services that can help. From controlled demolition to full-scale reconstruction, we can make water damage "Like it never even happened."

Flood and water damage can both be traumatic for the property. Without swift and deliberate action by experienced restoration professionals like our SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills team, your home and its belongings can become irreparably damaged by the loss. We are ready to help 24/7 at (818) 998-1500.

Fast Water Extraction Mitigates Water Damage in Canoga Park

7/9/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO follows the standards included in the IICRC guidelines to mitigate water damage in Canoga Park properties

Water Damage is Less When SERVPRO Quickly Removes Water

When Canoga Park water damage caused by a flood or fire-extinguishing effort impacts your property, dealing with the aftermath can be challenging and exhausting. In addition to generating systemic structural and personal possessions damage, excessive standing water can potentially promote the development of a serious mold problem. However, securing professional water extraction services from SERVPRO can mitigate the water damage effects, lessen your expenses, save personal memorabilia, and return you to your home ASAP. Our goal is to dry, recondition, sanitize, and restore your home to its pre-water damaged state.

Expedited Services with Rapid Results

As water extraction professionals, our initial steps are to assess the water damage and immediately, upon written approval, begin to pump the unwanted water from your home. One of the biggest benefits that we offer is we are a local company, part of about 1850 network-wide franchise. We are close enough to not only offer 24/7 availability but normally can arrive in about one hour to assess and tackle the water damage issues in your Canoga Park property. SERVPRO can muster a large, skilled crew utilizing heavy-duty water pumps, sump pumps, wet-vacs, squeegees, mops, and buckets to begin the extraction process quickly. This large volume water removal is only the initial, vital first step.

Drying and Moisture Reduction

These are essential steps once the standing water has been removed from your structure. Moisture meters seek out hidden pockets of moisture and residually absorbed water. Dehumidifiers: chemical, mechanical, or refrigerant can be strategically placed to complete the drying. We measure with hygrometers the relative humidity within the structure. Once we are certain that your property is back to normal, we offer written documentation to this effect.

Mold Prevention

Mold can start to grow on your property within 48-72 hours of the onset of water damage. However, water extraction experts can diminish this process from happening by quickly removing the excessive water. This expedited work is important because ongoing mold exposure could cause health effects.

Sanitizing Protocol

Fire and water damage leave your living space in an unsanitary state. SERVPRO can use ULV (ultra-low volume) foggers, chemical foggers, air scrubbers, and ozone chambers to secure a sanitary condition for the structure. We remove, not mask odors, deodorize and establish a safe ambient air quality. The above equipment accomplishes these objectives through the use of disinfectant, antimicrobial, and antibacterial treatments.

Call SERVPRO Immediately

Canoga Park water damage can be a difficult obstacle to overcome. The professionals of SERVPRO can accomplish this task while lessening your stress and expense. Our goal is to serve you in an ethical and empathetic manner. Our IICRC-certified technicians offer detailed, effective water extraction services that quickly restore your property to its original condition.

SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills is locally owned and operated. When you have a water or flood emergency, we’re already nearby and ready to help. We take pride in our communities and want to do our part in keeping them safe. Call us 24/7 for help. (818) 998-1500

Get Fast and Reliable Water Cleanup in Canoga Park from SERVPRO

5/17/2021 (Permalink)

Has water invaded your home? SERVPRO is equipped to handle a complete restoration.

Water Cleanup at Canoga Park Homes Need Professional Restorers

Problems such as burst pipes, ceiling leaks, and basement flooding often require water cleanup at your Canoga Park home. Trying to start the water removal on your own or worse, ignoring it all together can have disastrous consequences. SERVPRO's water restoration experts can help you in cleanup and restoration to prevent any secondary damage. 

It is important to determine the extent and severity of the damage before water cleanup at your Canoga Park home. SERVPRO technicians inspect the damage visually and use equipment to determine areas that are unsafe for people and the property alike. 

What Safety Measures do SERVPRO Techs Take During Water Damage Restoration of Your Canoga Park Home?

Safety is top priority of SERVPRO water damage remediation experts during the restoration process. Water damage can cause several safety issues at your Canoga Park home, that includes-

  • Unsafe structures
  • Hazards of electric shock 
  • Health hazards due to contaminated water

SERVPRO technicians closely monitor the structure for any signs of water damage that can threaten the safety of the occupants. One common safety concern was sagging ceilings and weakened walls filled with water and can potentially collapse, causing injury or other damage. In such situations, technicians can recommend pack-outs to save any undamaged content. Another safety measure that SERVPRO techs take is to seal off the area undergoing water damage repairs to prevent the risk of slipping or falling. 

Call SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills at (818) 998-1500 for a reliable and safe water damage restoration service. 

Is Water Causing Damage to your Canoga Park Home?

4/1/2021 (Permalink)

Quick action can help save both the structure and the contents of your home. SERVPRO is standing by 24/7 for your emergency water damage call.

For Quick Water Removal That Reduces the Risk of Damage Call SERVPRO

Any water damage can be a disaster to homeowners. Storm flooding can be a major disaster, but a leaking pipe that goes unnoticed or is not dealt with quickly can be just as damaging over time.

The best way to halt on-going and reduce future water damage in Canoga Park homes is water removal. This set of actions by SERVPRO restoration teams is the first step to restoring a home after the effects of ceiling leaks, burst pipes, or a leaking dishwasher behind a wall are discovered.

What Actions Do Restoration Teams Take First?

  • Team members remove large amounts of water with pumps, generally not needed
  • Next, they eliminate puddles and thin layers of surface water with extraction wands
  • Specialists then push out remaining water with squeegees and use cloths and sponges to wipe down damp surfaces
  • To lower the amount of moisture in the air (humidity level), they install a combination of fans to increase air circulation and dehumidifiers to draw moisture from the air

For fast and thorough water removal, contact SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills today at (818) 998-1500. 

How Can West Hills Dwellers Deal With Water Damage?

1/29/2021 (Permalink)

Water damage situation? Call SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills today at (818) 998-1500 if you need help with professional water damage restoration.

Property Owners Can Hire SERVPRO Technicians to Perform Water Removal Clean Up in Their Homes

Water damage can be sudden and can wreak havoc on your home. If not attended to quickly, excess water can create structural destruction or cause health hazards. Immediate action can save you money and provide you with peace of mind.

Fixing water damage can be expensive, especially if you hire the wrong firm. Turn to SERVPRO for high-quality water removal cleanup in your West Hills residence. We use non-invasive methods and cutting-edge technology to find the cause of water intrusion and fix it properly.

Our technicians have in-depth experience and understanding in assessing water damage and coming up with customized solutions. Our team can arrive on time, ready, and complete the restoration process quickly. We use advanced equipment such as:

  •     Submersible pumps to extract water that is over two inches deep.
  •     Moisture sensors to track moisture within a structure.
  •     Desiccant dehumidifiers for drying low evaporation materials.
  •     Thermal imaging cameras for monitoring and inspecting moisture in building materials.

From the initial inspection, cleanup, and creating lasting solutions, our team can handle it all.

After a water damage event, call SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills for remediation services in your West Hills residence. Our number is (818) 998-1500.

Winnetka Fitness Enthusiasts Should Take a Look at This

1/4/2021 (Permalink)

Spice up your fitness routine with some dance moves in a funky cardio dance class.

Dance Your Way Around Winnetka with this Dance Fit Class

Picture this: it is another wonderfully cool January day in Winnetka, and you are preparing for your cardio routine. Would you rather jog down the same streets you always do, or would you instead take part in an Afrofunk cardio dance class?

For just $20, you can take part in Nu-Bein Dance Fit, a certified fitness instruction program that blends high-energy African music and dance with conventional cardio routines. Unlike most dance fitness routines, this unique style incorporates periods of rest and reflection, training up your mind and soul alongside your body. It is a unique experience that is unmatched by any other that we have seen.

Depending on the date you choose (the classes run every Saturday in the late morning), the group may meet via Zoom or in-person at various locations around northern Los Angeles. Contact Jessica Monea Evans to get up-to-date information on where the classes are to be held and whether or not they will continue past January. In-person courses are generally held in outdoor spaces to ensure adequate social distancing for all attendees.

SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills stands by 24/7 to help with water cleanup in your Winnetka home. Call us at (818) 998-1500.

A Rare Cultural Tour Opportunity Just South of Canoga Park

12/23/2020 (Permalink)

Canoga park residents, take time away to learn about the Hindu culture while exploring the Malibu Hindu Temple on a guided tour.

The Nearby Malibu Hindu Temple is Offering Guided Tours

Unbeknownst to many, a short drive down from Canoga Park can lead you to a rare cultural icon in the United States – the large, modern, and active Malibu Hindu Temple. This gorgeous and ornate Temple serves devout Los Angeles Hindus by providing places of worship, spiritual guidance, quiet meditative areas, South Asian food and amenities, and much more.

The Temple is an active place of worship and thus restricts who can visit its palatial grounds at what times. On Saturday the 26th, however, the Temple will offer a guided tour for those willing to learn and respect the Hindu culture and traditions. The tour will cover most of the Temple grounds, including many indoor areas closed off to non-worshipers for much of the pandemic. Along the way, tour-goers will receive a short guided meditation session. Tickets cost $15 if you call ahead or $20 at the door. Be sure to bring a bit of extra cash to purchase some of the unique refreshments offered in and around the Temple.

SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills is a trusted local source for water damage restorations in Canoga Park. Call our emergency phone line 24/7 at (818) 998-1500.

How Do I Make Sure My Ceiling Does Not Collapse after a Water Leak?

9/1/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO may salvage wet insulation in your Canoga Park attic or crawlspace with swift water extraction and drying.

SERVPRO Takes Safety Precautions While Restoring Water Damaged Materials in Your Canoga Park Home

An upstairs bathroom leak that goes unnoticed can seep through the ceiling, potentially causing further damage to your Canoga Park property. It is essential first to make sure you stop the leak, to mitigate further harm. Then, while you wait for the professionals at SERVPRO to arrive, you should stay clear of the area for safety reasons. You may want to move or cover furniture for additional protection against further leaking. Don't! Stay safe and let us move or cover the furnishings. Technicians cut around the damaged drywall to expose the cavity, enabling the drying process.

Does Moisture Impact Insulation Above the Drywall?

SERVPRO Determines the Salvageability of Your Drywall

While undergoing the water damage restoration project for your Canoga Park home, our trained SERVPRO professionals typically remove insulation along with the hanging building material comprising the ceiling. When trapped, moisture can foster mold growth within your insulation and the ceiling cavity. Additionally, moisture lessons the insulating properties, making it less likely to insulate your home correctly.

What types of Insulation may be in my attic crawlspace?

  • Fiberglass: More durable than cellulose and rockwall, but if vapor barriers become damaged, moisture may get in and increase the risk of mold growth.
  • Cellulose: Usually becomes matted when wet, rendering it ineffective. It also lessens fire resistance and anti-microbial properties.
  • Rockwool: It also becomes matted and loses effectiveness. Besides, the metal components may rust.

Regardless of the type of insulation in your ceiling, the ceiling cavity should be emptied for adequate drying procedures. Technicians extract the moisture using portable vacs with hoses, and then actively dry the cavity with directed airflow.  After they measure moisture levels to ensure they are at the proper preloss levels, technicians begin the replacement of insulation and hang new drywall panels. We make it, "Like it never even happened."

For 24/7 assistance with water damage, contact SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills at (818) 998-1500.

What Crucial Factors Should I Consider When Hiring Water Restoration Companies in Canoga Park?

7/26/2020 (Permalink)

The longer water is sitting in your home the more damage it is going to do. Contact SERVPRO quickly for water damage remediation.

Assistance from SERVPRO Can Help Resolve Problems and Prevent Future Issues from Such an Incident

After a water spill happens in your home, you may realize that you do not have the time or resources necessary to clean and dry the property, restoring preloss conditions. Hiring a water restoration company can lift the burden off your shoulders. However, you might not be sure whether every company offering such services in Canoga Park can deliver the results you expect, or work with your preferred timelines.

When should I call water restoration companies after water intrudes my Canoga Park home?

Water loss situations in your Canoga Park home can arise at any time, including late at night. You might not be sure whether it is a bother to call at such hours. Finding a company that can respond to your distress call at any hour can change the outcome of an incident positively. For instance, SERVPRO has customer service staff ready to respond to your call 24 hours a day. Even though the restoration crews might not arrive at your property immediately, the customer service representatives can give you some useful tips on what to do as you wait for help, thus reducing the level or types of damages that occur. Some of the tips might include:

  • Removing area rugs, books, and other items from carpeted floors
  • How to locate and turn off the main water supply line
  • Which items you can move from the affected section of your house

Water spills in your Canoga Park home can lead to significant repair costs, such as replacement of wall-to-wall carpets due to heavy staining. Staining mostly develops because of dye transfer from items lying on the carpet. Removing items such as draperies, area rugs, clothes, or books from the wet carpet minimizes the sources of such dyes, thus limiting the possibility of widespread staining. 

Extended exposure to water or even high humidity levels in the air can cause significant damage to some of the valuables you have in your house. Stopping the source limits further water release into the property. Alternatively, moving items such as electronic appliances away from the affected rooms limits the level of moisture exposure, thus limiting the chances of internal components rusting.

Where should I search for restoration companies?

The convenience of searching for a service provider online means you can choose one located in a different area. However, choosing a local restoration company puts you at an advantaged position because they can respond faster. At SERVPRO, our commitment is to send a fully equipped crew to your property within 4 hours after notifying us of the problem since we are a locally owned company. Before the main team arrives, we also send a few technicians to perform a professional evaluation of the loss, ensuring that we bring the right type and number of tools to handle the restoration task.    

Faster response to water loss situations helps ensure that unnecessary secondary damages are minimized. For instance, materials such as solid wood or concrete are semi-porous, so they take time to absorb water so faster extraction limits the amount of water that has to be removed through drying. However, once saturated, they can take longer to dry. Wood might also swell, warp, or develop other physical damages from water exposure. Wood absorbs water in three distinct ways:

  • Molecular diffusion through cell walls
  • As vapor through cell lumens
  • Through capillary tension

Expediting extraction of stagnant water and drying excess moisture from the property is the best way to cut down the different forms of water absorption by wooden materials in your house. Our SERVPRO technicians have access to a variety of pumps and water extractors to complete the task fast. We also set up dehumidifiers around the property to extract moisture from the air preventing absorption through hygroscopic action.

What standards should a renovation company meet?

Many processes performed during the renovation of a water-damaged property require precision. For instance, the wood must be dried to approximately 10% moisture content. The drying process also needs to be gradual to avoid severe outcomes such as cracking. Even the placement and number of equipment used in drying property need proper management to balance the process, preventing issues such as condensation or even mold development. 

Proper training and experience are two necessary factors that help ensure proper management of water loss situations to meet industry standards. Our SERVPRO crews are IICRC certified in fields such as Water Damage Restoration and Applied Structural Drying, ensuring we deliver the best results. 

With assistance from a good restoration company, water damage is manageable. Call SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills at (818) 998-1500 to help address any incident, "Like it never even happened."

Can You Help Remove Water from My Home After It Flooded?

6/2/2020 (Permalink)

With SERVPRO's Advanced Equipment--from Moisture Meters to Extractors and Dehumidifiers--We can restore your Canoga Park Home

When it Comes to Water Removal, SERVPRO Has the Techniques and Tools to Refresh Your Canoga Park Home

Water flowing throughout your interior after a pipe burst presents a variety of obstacles. Our team of fully-trained water restoration technicians (WRT) at SERVPRO not only arrives promptly to your home in Canoga Park, but we also have a specialized process and all the right tools for the job. We use a range of advanced techniques to remove water and ensure no moisture is left behind so that your interior is just “Like it never even happened.”

How Do You Address Water Cleanup?

We formulate a detailed plan for each project involving water removal in Canoga Park. Based on our initial assessment of the water loss, we select the right equipment and the best course of action to proceed. Some of the many options we have on our trucks to remove water include:

  • Truck-Mounted Extractors – These are powerful 300psi pumps mounted on our vehicles that can handle the removal of hundreds to thousands of gallons of water.
  • Submersible Pumps – These machines are not only efficient and fast but also operate quietly. As some of the most commonly used tools in our Green Fleet, they have powerful discharge and are very easy to set up.
  • Wet Vacs – These wet vacuums are ideal for picking up where the submersible pumps leave off. The wet vac provides constant suction and easily remove the surface water so that our team can move onto the next phase of drying your interior.

How Long Will Drying Take?

The length of time necessary for adequately drying your home depends on the saturated materials and how long they have been exposed to moisture. We use a unique formula that tells us how many industrial-strength fans, air movers, and dehumidifiers we have to place in the loss zone to ramp up drying.

Water removal in your home is a task we are ready to take on at SERVPRO of Canoga Park/West Hills. Call us at (818) 998-1500 to have a team deployed to your location 24/7 for emergency service.

What Can I Do About Water Damage to My Canoga Park Living Room Carpet?

4/5/2020 (Permalink)

Drying carpet is tricky. We have the equipment and training to handle all of your water damage restoration needs.

SERVPRO Technicians Can Eliminate Water and Salvage Soaked Carpet in Your Canoga Park Residence 

Water damage can be sudden and stressful for homeowners. All it takes is a pinhole leak in a pipe under your living room floor to saturate the carpet above. It is crucial to have a professional take care of extraction to prevent mold growth or subflooring damage.  

When your Canoga Park residence needs water damage cleanup, SERVPRO techs are available 24/7 to mitigate damage and restore your home to its preloss condition. These restoration pros are trained in the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) standards so that you can expect a high standard of clean every time.

Dealing With Water-Damaged Carpet & Pad 

  • The padding under carpet absorbs water like a sponge but is usually restorable if only part of the carpeting has been wet for less than 48 hours.
  • Limiting foot traffic over the affected area is crucial. Too much walking on wet carpeting can cause it to delaminate or separate from its backing. Latex carpet backing typically returns to its original strength once dry.
  • Washing machines often clean small throw rugs using hot water and a biocide like chlorine bleach. However, this amount of bleach can affect the color of the rug. For standard capacity washers, use one cup of bleach per load. 

SERVPRO's Extraction Tools Restore Your Living Room

SERVPRO techs use a variety of tools to remove water from your carpet. The extraction process requires time and care and is hundreds of times more efficient for water removal than structural drying equipment. We use portable extractors, large rubber suction pads, rovers, and polyethylene drying chambers to ensure the restoration of your carpet and pads. SERVPRO can also evaluate your subflooring for water damage and dry it. 

SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills wants to ensure that your home looks, "Like it never even happened." You can call (818) 998-1500 for a mitigation service that starts within hours of your initial contact.  

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We Act Fast In Canoga Park After A Water Loss

3/13/2020 (Permalink)

Our dehumidifier and air movers worked hard to remove water vapor from this room after a pipe busted. Call us right away to prevent further damage.

Water Damage Canoga Park – Long Term Leaks & Mold

Leaks around windows, and also from pipes with pinhole leaks inside walls can lead to the growth of mold and cause long term water damage with potential health risks. In many cases, the first time a homeowner notices that there is a problem is the musty smell in specific rooms in their homes. There may be no signs of water, yet there is that ongoing smell that lingers.

SERVPRO provides water damage services in Canoga Park and surrounding areas. We deal with water damage and mold infestations often. Whenever there is a dark, warm place with moisture and a food source, mold can begin to grow exponentially in less than 48 hours. We are available on a 24 / 7 basis to respond and help deal with water damage and mold growth.

Mold Growing Inside Walls & Crevices

While there are no apparent signs of water leakage, the musty smell is a give away that there is a leak somewhere, and mold spores have begun to multiply. SERVPRO has a variety of methods to detect high moisture areas and the source of the musty smell in these situations. We use moisture meters and infrared cameras to detect areas that are not dry.

Infrared cameras show wet areas that are cooler in temperature due to high moisture levels compared to dry areas. Moisture meters can check surfaces as well as penetrate drywall to detect high moisture areas. Many clients are surprised to learn there is a mold infestation inside a wall after we have shown pictures from our infrared cameras and opened up the wall.

Vinyl wallpaper acts almost like a vapor barrier. The wall behind the wallpaper may be damp, while the exterior of the wallpaper is dry. Mold can grow on the wallboard under the vinyl wallpaper and not be detected by the homeowner.

SERVPRO can help find the source of the mold, the water damage, and dry the underlying structure. Repairs can also be completed to avoid future problems of this type.

Call SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills at (818) 998-1500 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Bell Canyon, Winnetka, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Water Damage in Your Canoga Park Home

2/8/2020 (Permalink)

We can make the incident seem “Like it never even happened.”

Professionals Can Use Specialized Techniques to Handle Water Damage in Your Canoga Park Home

It is difficult to estimate the damage that water can cause in a property. You can remove the water that came from a leaking appliance or burst pipe, but it takes more than that to restore your residence to its pre-incident state. For this to happen, you must remove the water, clean up the affected surfaces, and dry your home thoroughly.

When you notice water damage in your Canoga Park residence, you can seek help from SERVPRO. Our team can take several steps to prevent costly secondary destruction. Remember that even a small water loss incident can bring about mold growth, which can cause an unhealthy environment for the residents. Every restoration project is different, but there are a few basics steps we can take to handle the water damage, such as:

Water removal
Water removal is the primary step that our technicians take to hasten the drying process. Porous surfaces such as carpets can hold a significant amount of water and take longer to dry. Our technicians can use a self-propelled deep extraction tool that is powered by an independent motor that moves the unit at a consistent rate over the carpet. Since the device requires weight to squeeze the water out of the carpeting, our technicians can ride on it to provide additional weight.

Intra wall drying
To leave your property as dry as it was before the unfortunate incident happened, we can dry the affected areas thoroughly using special techniques and equipment. Our SERVPRO team can use moisture-eliminating equipment that dries the inside of walls without having to remove the drywall. We can remove the baseboards and drill small holes through walls close to the base. We can then force air into the cavity behind the wall using structural cavity drying equipment. This equipment directs airflow into wall cavities and other hard to reach areas to ensure that they are adequately dry. This strategy is suitable when the water intrusion resulted from above the room we are treating.

Ventilation and heating
Our team can open windows and doors to enhance air circulation. In some situations, we can place portable heaters inside the affected rooms to increase the rate of evaporation.

Our team can set up dehumidification equipment in your home to remove the moisture from affected structures and contents. We often use refrigerant dehumidifiers to eliminate water vapor from the air. Minimizing the amount of water vapor in the air reduces the humidity ratio. A lower humidity ratio speeds up the rate of evaporation of moisture in a house and its contents. Professional low grain refrigerant (LGR) dehumidifiers reduce relative humidity to as low as ten percent.

After a water intrusion incident in your West Hills, Winnetka, or Bell Canyon home, call SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills at (818) 998-1500 to help. We can make the incident seem “Like it never even happened.”

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We Can Help Clean After A Pipe Leak In Your Canoga Park Home

11/17/2019 (Permalink)

Swift disaster cleanup is just a phone call away at (818) 998-1500.

Cleaning Pipe Leak Water Damage in a Canoga Park Residence

California homeowners may not see much flooding from storms nowadays. Still, something as simple as a cracked or damaged pipe can cause plenty of damage to and behind structures. Carpets, walls, and floors can become host to mold, odors, and other contaminants that can affect the durability and safety of your home.

If your Canoga Park home suffers water damage after a disaster, SERVPRO technicians can be at your home within 24 hours to save the day. SERVPRO team members and franchise owners receive extensive education on cleanup equipment, techniques, and theory, so their knowledge can save your home and preserve your belongings. No matter when the disaster occurs, you can expect swift and proactive service.

Get the Most Out of Your Claim
Slow-moving water damages, like pipe leaks, can often have claims reduced or denied without taking thorough stock of the situation. To get optimal coverage when filing your claim:

    •    Keep records of maintenance and repairs. Not only is this a good practice for your home, but it can help you identify when potential issues occurred or what failures could contribute to them.
    •    Read your policy. Make sure the terms cover your situation. Understand what responsibilities are considered yours and which ones are taken on by the insurer.
    •    Maintain your home every spring and fall. Use the ideal weather for maintenance. Small repairs regularly can help you avoid the cost of a more massive disaster.
    •    Consider upgrading. When looking over your policy, you may find that it does not adequately cover the things you need. Add terms as needed to your plan to make sure you are covered in a way that is tailor-made for your home.

SERVPRO is Here to Help
When technicians come to you, the focus is kept on restoring your home to a preloss condition. However, depending on the damage, some items may need replacement. With enough exposure to water, carpet and pad can experience delamination, making safe reinstallation unfeasible. On top of that, extensive exposure to water can weaken the durability of carpeting by as much as 50%, leaving you with a less fragile flooring solution. Technicians can use rovers, wet/dry vacuums, and extraction wands, among a plethora of other equipment, to prepare your carpet for thorough drying.

SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills is a crew you can count on to be Faster to Any Size Disaster. Swift disaster cleanup is just a phone call away at (818) 998-1500.

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SERVPRO Says Staging of Equipment and Products Saves Time, Money, and Prevents a Mess during Canoga Park Water Removal

9/12/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Goes from Inspection of a Water Damaged Property in Canoga Park to Planning and Implementation for Restoration

Water Damage Canoga Park – Professional Approach to Staging

Every water damage event in the LA area is different and requires a variety of actions to be taken to mitigate the harm, restore the customer's premises, and ultimately satisfy the client. Careful planning, staging, and thoughtfulness is always part of our plan.

Canoga Park and damaging water events are forever paired. Our crew chief can quickly assess the damage and gather the right equipment and technicians to meet the challenge presented promptly. Often a crew chief may request interior space to stage equipment, cleaning supplies and tools that may be needed.

Staging Areas and Access to Water Sources
A staging area can provide an efficient area to work from and limit the number of trips to the outside. These efficiency gains can assist in dealing with a water damage situation quickly and reduce the severity of the damage. In many situations, access to a water source may be required, such as the laundry room or a guest bathroom on the main floor. The crew chief can discuss the requirements of the team with the client and ensure that SERVPRO's needs while on-site are acceptable to the client.

Protecting the Clients Home and Working Efficiently
The staging area and all access routes in the home to the work area are covered by either paper or plastic drop cloths to protect the floors. SERVPRO may need to mix products to clean furniture and floors after water damage events. All items are placed on these protective floor coverings.

Staging Protects Unaffected Rooms within the Home
Our objective is to restore a client's home as quickly and efficiently as possible. We understand the stress these water damage situations cause, including secondary damage from high humidity. Clients can always discuss their concerns with the crew chief or with one of the technicians working on site. If an item of furniture or accessory demands particular attention, let us know. We aim to do our best to accommodate the needs of the customer while restoring their home.

Call SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills at (818) 998-1500 for 24/7 serve. We serve Winnetka, Bell Canyon, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Our Water Damage Professionals Can Save Your Canoga Park Home!

7/25/2019 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills at (818) 998-1500 for 24/7 service.

Water Damage Canoga Park – Recovering Sentimental Items

Anytime water gets into your home from a leaking pipe, an open window or damage from a storm, it is a stressful event for the family. Most people understand that damaged floors, furniture, and electronics can be restored or replaced. Often homeowners are more worried about legal documents needed for various reasons and photographs of the family which cannot be replaced.

Let SERVPRO know if you have water damage in Canoga Park that there are documents and photographs. Reducing the time these items spend in wet conditions can reduce the amount of damage and increase the chance of recovery. Once a photo or document is damaged, a document cannot be restored to its original condition. There is always some form of damage even after the documents have been through the drying process. However, most can be dried and retained for the customer to enjoy.

Homeowners should immediately consider taking the following steps to minimize the damage:

•    Always make sure that it is safe from electricity to enter the area.

•    If it is leaking pipe, turn off the water source.

•    Remove photos and documents to a dry area and separate each item to dry separately.

•    Use blotting paper or towels to soak up as much water as possible.

We can respond quickly to any disaster and focus on the areas of concern of the homeowner. Let the SERVPRO team know which documents are most relevant and the preservation steps you may have taken. We can continue the process and focus on minimizing the damage to your documents. Depending on the situation, our techs apply several solutions, including:

•    Drying by air

•    Dehumidification

•    Drying in a freezer

•    Freeze drying in a vacuum

•    Thermal drying in a vacuum

Reducing the time your documents and photos spend in the water and remain in wet conditions can minimize the amount of long term damage. There may be limited funds available for controlling the damage and recovering documents and photos. SERVPRO can help the homeowner select the correct drying approach for each document based on value to the homeowner and the budget for restoration available.

Call SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills at (818) 998-1500 for 24/7 service. We serve Winnetka, Bell Canyon, and surrounding areas. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

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You Can Reach Our Experts 24/7 When Your Canoga Park Home Experiences A Water Damage Disaster

5/25/2019 (Permalink)

Our certified technicians handle small or large water loss events, and since we are local, We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Water Damage In Your Canoga Park home

Water damage can happen in ways you might expect, such as a broken supply line to a washing machine or dishwasher. An unexpected water loss in your home feels overwhelming, and the longer you wait to act on it, the more damage it does to your home.

Our SERVPRO emergency response team received a call to mitigate water damage in a Canoga Park home. The homeowner's teenage daughter had run a bath and forgot she left the water running while she chatted with friends on Snapchat.

The homeowner stated during his initial call to us that he put down towels to absorb the water and drained the tub. Unfortunately, water dripped through the downstairs ceiling and noted this issue in the service call, so our technicians made scoping the subflooring and floor joists between the first and second floor a priority as they most likely retained excessive moisture.

 On arrival, we removed water from the bathroom floor and did several passes with our extractors to pull up as much moisture as possible. The ceiling below was damp, but no signs of sagging, scoping with digital imaging and our other moisture detection equipment confirmed the elevated moisture levels. We drilled weep holes to let more air into the floor joists and dry the interior.

SERVPRO technicians collected the tile around the bathtub as it lost adhesion due to the water. Our technicians possess certifications in Applied Structural Drying and know how to correctly dry both structures and contents for the best outcome from water loss. Air movers connected to drying mats forced warm, dry air into the subfloor and floor joists. Air movers positioned on the first floor projected air directly at the ceiling where the weep holes let more air flow in for complete drying.

We take moisture readings before, during, and after drying a room. To inhibit both odors and the growth of mold after a water loss, ensuring humidity levels in the affected areas are below optimum levels development of spores negates this issue.

When the upstairs and downstairs areas were confirmed dry, we cleaned and disinfected all surfaces affected by water with our proprietary SERVPRO formulas. This action leaves the area both sanitary and also works to inhibit mold. After completion of the remediation for the bathroom and ceiling, we gave the homeowner a list of the necessary repairs to restore the bathroom to its preloss condition.

Call SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills at (818) 998-1500 for mitigation of your water damage in your home. Our certified technicians handle small or large water loss events, and since we are local, We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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What Canoga Park/West Hills Must Know About Costly Water Damage from Leaks

5/16/2019 (Permalink)

Let SERVPRO help you save your pennies.

Don’t let your water bill and water damage take your savings, call SERVPRO today!

 Small leaks underneath the bathroom and kitchen sink can lead to very costly water damage. So, it is essential that homeowners take the necessary precautions by following the recommendations provided below.

 Pay close attention to the signs and symptoms of leaks and water damage in a Canoga Park property. Every homeowner should remember that some of these signs are easy to see, while others may only be found by checking the condition of the pipes. Either way, the owner of the home and their family should pay close attention to the following telltale signs provided by SERVPRO:

 - Dripping water on the floor or inside of kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

- Sharp increases in the household water bill.

- Dampness on ceilings and walls, deriving from the second-floor bathrooms.

- Excessive moisture on kitchen and bathroom pipes.

Take action quickly to minimize the possibilities of extensive costly damages. The actions taken will be determined by the problems that have been discovered. For instance, if someone sees water dripping down the ceilings and walls underneath the bathroom sink from the second floor, quick action must be taken. To start, the owner should contact a SERVPRO professional for help. The role of these professionals is to inspect the area to see what the source of the problem is. Once the problem has been identified, they can make an assessment of what needs to be done. Here are some things that these professionals are trained to do.

 - Use the latest technology detection devices to identify where the water has entered into the destruction.

- Use extraction equipment to remove the water from the structure.

- Use Deodorizing equipment to remove bad odors.

Because there are a variety of different critical problems that arise from leaks found underneath the kitchen and bathroom sinks, homeowners need to pay close attention to common symptoms that lead to severe problems. Also, when problems are discovered, actions must be taken immediately by contacting our representatives at SERVPRO of Canoga Park/West Hills. Our team of technicians is available 24/7, every day of the week at (818) 998-1500. 

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Our Crew Is Here To Help After A Water Damage Disaster In Your Canoga Park Home

3/27/2019 (Permalink)

Call us anytime at (818) 998-1500 when in need of water extraction services in West Hills, Winnetka and Bell Canyon.

Get Effective Remediation For Water Damage To Your Canoga Park Residence

Different factors can cause water damage in your home. One of them is leaking or burst pipes. Toilets and drains that get blocked and backed up can exert undue pressure in the pipes, causing them to leak or burst. Malfunctioning garbage disposal units may also cause pipes to burst. Pipes may also leak due to rust or age.

Plumbing leaks may cause water damage to your Canoga Park residence. Some plumbing leaks are impossible to detect since they occur within the walls, but many happen due to pipes and hoses not being fully attached. Pipe bursts and leaks can result in high water bills. Holes may also lead to the contamination of your water supply, reducing its quality and making it a health hazard for your home’s occupants.

Water loss is a progressive problem that gets worse when not fixed promptly. Water may weaken wooden structures and corrode metals. Many homes heavily rely on these two critical materials in addition to concrete. Water from pipes leaking under the floors may surface up, but remain concealed if carpets and rugs are covering your crawl areas. To keep your home from sustaining significant damage, you should call a water removal company like SERVPRO for a quick fix.

If water is pooling in your home, our technicians can help you dry it out. Our technicians use pumps, dehumidifiers, and air movers to remove water from a building and dry it so that it returns to its preloss condition. We set a drying goal upon assessing the damage and monitor the drying process to determine if the goal is being achieved. A drying goal is a condition that SERVPRO technicians want to bring about in the affected areas of a building.

We provide a full-service restoration service that patches up leaky and burst pipes and addresses the damage you’ve incurred. We focus on getting back the property to its form before the leak, making it look “Like it never even happened.”

Do not wait when you notice water pooling in your residence. SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills is ready to assist you when facing any water loss. We are close by and can get to your home quickly. Call us anytime at (818) 998-1500 when in need of water extraction services in West Hills, Winnetka and Bell Canyon.

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When a Plumbing Leak Causes Water Damage to Your Canoga Park Home

1/2/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO has the technology and experience to remove all unwanted water from your home.

A Water Removal Team in Canoga Park Talks About Extraction Equipment

Whenever any problems related to moisture takes place in your Canoga Park townhome, it is wise to call in a professional restoration company such as SERVPRO. We know that prompt water removal can save you money and time during the mitigation process. Once moisture starts to affect your contents and building materials, many things can happen that may make matters worse. When water sits, it increases indoor relative humidity levels and can cause secondary problems related to water vapor and mold, which is why prompt water removal immediately after a problem takes place is vital.  

Once a small crack forms inside your plumbing system, many gallons of water can pour into your townhouse. The quickest way to conduct prompt water removal in Canoga Park is to send in a professional mitigation crew such as SERVPRO's highly trained team. After we receive work authorization, we assess the situation and determine the remediation process. We then make sure the work area is safe for all occupants. If there are any potential hazards present, we repair the problems so that your house is safe for work to begin.  

The first and one of the most critical steps to the process is the extraction phase. After we inspect your house and make sure that is safe we then fix the source of the problem. After repairing the leak and ensuring that no more water enters the building, we start removing the moisture. We begin by removing any standing water. If the depth is more than two inches, we utilize a submersible pump.  

Once all of the standing water is gone, we then start extracting moisture from porous materials like your carpets and upholstered furniture. For thick carpets, we use large, heavy-duty extraction tools and for items like a couch, we can use smaller hand-held wands. The extraction process aids in removing the majority of the moisture before our SERVPRO crew begins the rapid structural drying process. If you ever need help with moisture-related problems, call SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills at (818) 998-1500 any day of the week.  

Canoga Park was once called Owensmouth. Read more here.

Our Team At SERVPRO Can Handle Any Size Water Damage Disaster In Your Canoga Park Home

11/7/2018 (Permalink)

Both moisture that is present on the floor and vapor in the air can both cause extensive water damage.

Water Damage Professionals In Canoga Park Talk About Possible Dangers

If a pipe breaks or an appliance ever malfunctions inside your Canoga Park home, moisture will follow gravity and affect every building material it touches on the way down. Both moisture that is present on the floor and vapor in the air can both cause extensive water damage.

Stagnant water can be dangerous and become a breeding ground for harmful bacterias. When moisture penetrates building materials, it can also make them lose their structural integrity. Even though with smaller leaks it is possible to do by yourself, it is still wise to contact SERVPRO to ensure all of the proper steps of restoration get followed.

After a mishap takes place on your property, it is vital to be conscious of possible hazards that could have been created. Before our SERVPRO technicians begin mitigating any water damage situation in Canoga Park, we take several steps to ensure that the work area is safe. If the problem is minor, our technicians can often fix the issue themselves. If the problem is more severe, like advanced electrical issues, then we can call in a licensed subcontractor to repair the problem. In these cases, our team blocks off the hazardous area of your house until the problem can get mitigated.

When moisture gets onto the floor, it can create slip hazardous that are labeled and then dealt with during the extraction process. If materials like drywall or ceiling tiles get wet, they can create fall hazards. To avoid problems with things falling our SERVPRO technicians remove in possible building materials that seem like they are weak enough to fall.

Stagnant or standing water itself can be dangerous; therefore extraction is usually the first step we take during the mitigation process. Even if the source of the issue is a clean water source, parasites and bacteria can still form in the affected areas if not treated quickly. Moisture can also attract insects and small rodents if not removed promptly. If you ever notice standing water after a leak, call SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills at (818) 998-1500 24/7.

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A Leaking Dishwasher Can Cause Water Damage inside of Your Canoga Park Home

9/16/2018 (Permalink)

If your dishwasher suddenly dumps water on your kitchen floor, call SERVPRO to both dry out the room and remediate the damage.

Team SERVPRO Offers Effective Water Damage Remediation in Your Kitchen

Appliances are extremely useful tools to have inside your home, but they can be troublesome when they break down and cause problems such as water damage. When it comes to your dishwasher, a frequent leak could cause further troubles inside of your residence should it not be addressed. While it may be tempting just to lay a towel down and delay a professional from fixing your appliance, doing so can cause damages to your tile flooring.
When water damage sets into your Canoga Park kitchen, it can crack floor tiles. When your dishwasher leaks, the water initially pools onto your floor around it. However, over time, the water slowly sinks between the tiles and into the base below it, causing it to expand from the absorption and causing cracks and separation above. Furthermore, the water can damage the cabinets around your dishwasher. If the damage it is left unchecked, the water can cause further complications such as mold damage. To ensure the longevity of your home and avoid unnecessary expenses, it is essential to call for help upon finding water damage inside of your home.
When you call SERVPRO, we always strive to arrive at your home within hours of your first call. Our first employ to arrive is our Estimator, and they can walk you through the damage after an initial inspection. Our Estimator is there to answer any questions and address any of your concerns.
When our IICRC-certified technicians arrive, we can begin the remediation promptly. Here at SERVPRO, we use advanced trade technology, such as devices like air movers, dehumidifiers, and axial fans. Using all three in conjunction allows us to create an environment that is ideal for the evaporation of moisture. Over a period, these devices can draw the moisture away from your belongings and prevent further damage. At the end of the remediation, SERVPRO can do one last sweep to ensure that the moisture levels inside of your home are adequate.
If you find water damage inside of your kitchen, never wait to call for services. Get in touch with SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills by phoning (818) 998-1500. Night or day, we are always available to help.

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Cleaning And Drying Your West Hills Home Following Water Damages

7/5/2018 (Permalink)

Mistakes Lead to Water Damage Needing Cleanup and Restoration in West Hills, Call SERVPRO for Fast Help

Homes and Businesses in West Hills Benefit from Prompt SERVPRO Water Removal Services

Among all of the threats that your West Hills home faces from the outside, people often overlook the ease with which disasters can occur inside of their homes. While a common culprit for damages is often the appliances breaking down over time, another frequent contributor to the problem is user error. Something as simple as putting the plug into a bathroom sink and walking away while it runs, or not completely shutting your dishwasher door before you start a cycle can all lead to issues in your home that require immediate attention from trained professional restorers.
Regardless of what has caused the water damage in your West Hills residence, getting the problem solved quickly is something that is critical. Professional restoration is advisable here because inadequate cleaning techniques can leave moisture and dampness behind. These symptoms can further weaken structural components and allow for compounding damage such as microbial growth to occur in as little as 72 hours.
Our SERVPRO professionals understand that adequate cleaning and drying of the water damage is crucial, and that begins with understanding where the problem lies. Thermal imagery can determine the full scope of the moisture and dampness through flooring, ceilings, and inside of wall cavities. While larger spaces can usually get dried out thoroughly using only heavy-duty air movers and industrial grade dehumidification equipment, specialty tools can sometimes be a requirement for harder to reach areas.
Drying mats get placed by our SERVPRO technicians to penetrate beneath the first layer of flooring to help remove any lingering moisture underneath the surface picked up by thermal imagery. Carpeted areas that get affected by the water loss incident often require weighted extractors to force the water up from the fibers and padding underneath to better dry them out. The completion of the service must include no residual dampness to the underflooring or concrete pad.
While this is just a small subsection of the overall restoration process, it can give you an idea of the kind of dedication and service that you can expect from our team of professionals. Our SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills restoration specialists respond quickly and can help you to overcome any sized disaster that affects your home. Give us a call today at (818) 998-1500.

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An Overview Of The Major Forms Of Water Damage In West Hills

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There are several sources of water which can lead to water damage in any home or business structure.

An Overview Of The Major Forms Of Water Damage

There are several sources of water which can lead to water damage in any home or business structure. The water intrusion event can be as a result of structural failures, natural disasters, broken appliances as well as broken water pipes. Though an incident like a burst water pipe may not look drastic at the start, it may cause substantial damage a few hours later if there is no one in your West Hills property to give it the attention it demands.

When our SERVPRO technicians are offering water damage restoration services to residents of West Hills, we look at the quantity of water on the structure and its source. The amount of water helps us to devise an efficient water removal method to ensure we dry your property within the shortest time possible. Dependent on the situation, we can use pumps, portable or truck-mounted water extractors to remove any standing water physically.

The source of the water can make us categorize the damage into three categories - black water, gray water, and clean water damage. Clean water comes from burst pipes, faulty appliances and all appliances which carry treated water. Sources of water that is yet to be used such as rain and snow water from damaged roofs also fall under this category. When carpets and pads come into contact with this type of water, restoring them is possible.

Although gray water contains waste products, it does not have human waste. Water overflowing from a toilet and a washing machine without any solid matter is usually under this category. When carpets and pads get into contact with this type of water, our SERVPRO technicians typically recommend a replacement. Black water carries all sorts of debris and is mainly unsanitary water. Burst sewage backups and flood waters are under this category, and we use extensive personal protective equipment (PPE) when cleaning this category of water. It is not possible to restore carpets and pads exposed to this type of water.

SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills has well-trained restoration technicians who work around the clock to address all types of water, fire, mold, and storm damage disaster. Call us at (818) 998-1500 and get industry proven services from our reliable team.

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Why Professional Restoration Is Beneficial For Your West Hills Water Damage

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Even with the diligence that you show to most of the fixtures and appliances of your West Hills home, circumstances could still lead to water damages.

The Benefits Of Professional Restoration

As a West Hills homeowner, you are likely continually trying to remain vigilant to ward off any unfortunate circumstances that could befall your home and ultimately cost you money or require time-consuming repairs or restoration. While there are many ways that your preventative and precautionary efforts are a benefit, there are some events (like water emergencies) that cannot get avoided entirely.

Even with the diligence that you show to most of the fixtures and appliances of your West Hills home, circumstances could still lead to water damages. While the most common of these might be defective appliances and plumbing concerns, the list is quite extensive overall. Regardless of the reason that your home experiences the water damage, there are several reasons why professional restoration is the wise choice for cleaning up the mess.

One of the reasons that you should consider the kind of restoration that our SERVPRO professionals can provide for this unfortunate occurrence is our commitment to your home. From the moment that our team arrives, we set out to get the full scope of the damage that you face from the present water damage, even utilizing specialized equipment like thermal imagery to determine the farthest reaches of the water.

Another consideration that you should be thinking of when it comes to opting to clean up your water damage situation yourself is the risk involved with doing an inadequate job. With moisture allowed underneath floors and inside of walls that did not get dried as it should have, your home is now meeting all of the necessary conditions for mold and fungal growth. This disaster is a separate variety of damage that can prove difficult and costly to remove.

While these are only a couple of the reasons why you should consider SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills to help you clean up your water damages, they are serious considerations that you need to make. For the sake of the home that you work hard to maintain, trust in our certified restoration specialists to help you through every step of restoring your home. Give us a call today at (818) 998-1500.

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Why Water Damage Incidents in Winnetka Should Be Taken Seriously

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Don't Let Water Damaging Mishaps Ruin Your Beautiful Winnetka Home--Quickly Call SERVPRO

Secondary Harm from Water Intrusion without Rapid Removal Can Greatly Increase Costs and Disruptions to Homeowners in the Winnetka Area

Though there are many things to take into consideration during a water damage incident, drying the wet materials and areas is usually the primary goal. The remediation process should follow some controlled conditions and standard precautions. That is why you need to work with professionals when restoring your Winnetka property.

Whether a hazard exists after a water damage incident in your Winnetka home, it is always crucial to assume it does, unless a professional proves otherwise. That is why our SERVPRO technicians wear appropriate eye protection gear, disposable coveralls, gloves, and boots. We also secure the area to prevent the possibility of contaminants spreading to the surrounding clean areas. One of the ways we use to achieve that is by applying negative air pressure, whereby we set up axial fans so that the air flows to the areas under remediation from the surrounding clean areas.
Another factor our SERVPRO team looks at is the water quality in your property - it can be black, clean or gray. Irrespective of the category of water on your property, there is a risk of fungi and bacteria proliferation taking place. In most cases, it is the porous materials that are likely to suffer microbial contamination. That is why we advise you to allow the remediation process to start as soon as possible to increase chances of salvaging your textiles, carpets, insulation, wallboard and ceiling tiles. It is not always possible to salvage most porous materials such as wet ceiling tiles, so we dispose of them as soon as possible.
SERVPRO IICRC certified WRT technicians also tackle the problem of excess humidity and moisture by setting up air movers to sweep moisture from hard surfaces into the air where they are captured by dehumidifiers, usually of the chemical variety using silicone as the absorbent.
SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills works around the clock to respond to all mold, storm, fire and water damage disasters or minor inconveniences. Call us at (818) 998-1500 when you need an industry leader to restore your property.

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Water Damage from Ceiling Leaks in Your Canoga Park Home

9/11/2017 (Permalink)

Ignoring water stains on ceiling or walls will not make them go away. In fact, that allows mold to grow and creates more problems. Call SERVPRO.

Our Technicians Use Tools and Their Vast Experience to Locate the Source of Water Damage in Your Home

Often, but not always, ceiling water leaks are caused by a leak in the roof of your home. Other things which can cause leaks in ceilings in Canoga Park include a leaky skylight, a plumbing problem, a siding leak, a window leak or a masonry leak.
A leak in your ceiling is an issue for a lot of reasons. The water damage in your Canoga Park home can be severe, and be found not just on your ceiling, but your roof, too, by the time you notice an existing leak. Roof damage can be dangerous and can be costly to repair. Plus, a significant amount of mold can grow in between your roof and ceiling or your attic and can create numerous health effects for you and your family. Once mold starts growing, you might have to replace drywall, insulation, ceiling tiles and other materials.
Our trained staff at SERVPRO can assist you if you have water damage in your home from a leaky ceiling. If mold is present, we also know how to clean that and sanitize the area.
Finding a leak in your roof can be difficult, and does not always become apparent until it has gotten worse. Therefore, you should investigate and address any sign of a leak as soon as you see it. Some indications of a leaky roof to look out for are discolored spots on your ceiling, water stains, mildew, or mold around the base of your chimney, rotting wood or peeling paint around skylights, shingles or other pieces of debris from your roof in the yard. You may also notice a musty smell, especially in your attic, that frequently occurs when your roof is leaking.
If you suspect you have a leak in your roof or ceiling, or possibly have mold growing in your attic, call us at SERVPRO right away so we can inspect your home for water damage and mold. We have all the needed tools and experience to find the source of the leak, fix it and find any mold if it is present.
SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills work quickly to fix any ceiling leak to prevent further damage to homes located in the West Hills and Canoga Park areas. Do not hesitate to give us a call at (818) 998-1500 when you find a problem, as the damage only gets worse the longer you wait.

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How Water Damage Can Reach the Ceiling

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Water Damage Can Occur on the Ceiling or on Any Part of Your Home, Call SERVPRO Quickly to Remediate!

SERVPRO Can Remediate Water Damage in Every Part of Your Home

Contrary to popular belief, it is relatively easy to damage your ceiling with water. Although water naturally flows downwards and does not typically stay in high places for long, ceilings are often made of porous materials which can absorb any water that does reach them, and sustain damage from water leaks above them. Other sources of water damage, including water heaters, appliance leaks, or storm damage, may also reach up and affect the ceilings of a home, although, in these cases, the ceiling damage is typically far from the most pressing issue.
Pipe Leaks
Many pipes cross over the ceilings of rooms to reach other parts of a home, particularly in two-story homes. When water damage hits West Hills ceilings, it is most often due to a pipe leak of some kind, whether in an attic or on the second floor. Regardless, it can be understandably tricky for a homeowner to dry out a ceiling, which is critical in stopping damage spread, staining, and mold growth. We use industrial-grade drying machinery and tools to reach all corners of a room, including ceilings, if necessary.
Second Floor Flooding
Flooding may sometimes happen on the second floor of a home, most often due to a sink or bathtub left on. This water may seep through flooring, soaking into and even dripping through the ceiling below. This represents a serious source of damage and is often one of the most intensive restoration projects we can perform on a water damaged ceiling.
Storms and First-Floor Problems
Some water damage on the floor and spaces below may also reach up to the ceiling. A typical example is interior rain damage, and if driving rain somehow gets into your home, it has a good chance of also soaking the ceilings. Other problems, such as busted appliances, can also lead to small or medium-scale ceiling water damage.
SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills prioritizes fast response times to any call we receive, so as to stop further damage and get to work restoring your home as quickly as possible after any water damage disaster. Give us a call 24/7 at (818) 998-1500.

First-Class Cleanup for Water Damage

6/8/2016 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO to Restore Your Bell Canyon Water Damaged Property

Call Us at SERVPRO for Expert Water Damage Restoration

If you are struggling with the decision of whether to restore or rebuild your property in the wake of water damage in Bell Canyon, you may think your options are limited. However, this is not the case. You can call upon the services of a professional residential water damage cleanup service to address the emergency and restore your home to its original condition.

Prompt Service for Bell Canyon Residential Water Damage
We offer quick service to restore your property in the event of a severe water damage emergency. Whether the damage was due to a flash flood, sewage system backup or other malfunction, it's good to know the number of a local cleanup and restoration service like SERVPRO. The initial problem must be resolved before it has a chance to cause other issues.

Why You Need to Control Your Water Damage Issue Immediately
Once the water has been extracted from your property, you may think that it's perfectly safe to go back inside and carry on your life as usual. However, the reality is very different. Even though a cursory cleanup can leave your home seemingly high and dry, serious issues may still lurk just beneath the surface. We use the latest technology and equipment to dry your home, detect hidden moisture and extract standing water quickly.

Mold and Bacteria Are Silent and Serious Dangers
Mold and bacteria growth can occur in the least visited corners of your home. They can take hold in areas, such as your AC and water filtration systems, and cause health effects before you're even aware of what is going on. The full extent of the consequences of untreated mold and bacteria may not be revealed until months after the initial emergency. Instead of being blindsided by such menaces, it's best to engage the services of a professional water damage restoration team. We will take the time to check every nook and cranny of your property to ensure that the potential for such issues is fully rooted out.

Call Us Today to Address Your Bell Canyon Residential Water Damage Issues
We are a locally owned and operated business that is here for you 24 hours a day, and our technicians have extensive cleaning and restoration training. Our business also services the surrounding area, including Winnetka and Bell Canyon. Whether your water damage was caused by flooding, a burst water main or another mishap, we can apply the appropriate cleanup measures in a prompt and effective manner to make your home a fit place for your family to dwell in once more. Call SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills at (818) 998-1500 to reach us at any time of the day or night.

West Hills Water Damage--from a Leaking Foundation

5/10/2016 (Permalink)

A Well Constructed Foundation May Prevent Water Damage in West Hills

Foundation Problems Can Lead to Serious West Hills Water Damage

Foundations take an especially hard beating by water, as they are partially or entirely buried in damp soil all the time. They are the areas of your home which are in continual contact with water, and unfortunately, can be a cause of water damage in West Hills. If rain water is not properly diverted and controlled, it can inflict a large amount of damage to the foundation of your home, even possibly compromising the structural integrity of the foundation.

The purpose of a slab foundation is to give weight-bearing support to a building. It is made of concrete and fits over footings which are also made of concrete. The footings usually anchor to the slab with reinforced steel bars or rebar. Under the foundation, soil should be leveled and able to create a moisture barrier between the home and the ground. Some of the problems with slab foundations come from them being constructed improperly, water and sewage leaks underneath the slab or the movement of soil under the slab.

There are three main ways that water affects a foundation:
Hydrostatic Pressure 
This can cause more than just a leak in your basement. When water over-saturates the soil around the foundation, the result is hydrostatic pressure, which can push the walls inward, making them bow and crack. This can happen suddenly, over time, or during a period of torrential rains.
Expanding Soils
Clay-rich soils in some areas will expand when they are drenched with water, which puts an enormous amount of pressure on the foundation walls. This will make them crack, shift or bow.
Underground springs and rainwater can wash the soil which supports the foundation slowly, creating foundation settlement. Early signs of settlement are not always obvious, and can be easily dismissed until they’ve become serious enough for the intervention of a professional. Signs of this type of water damage include unlevel or uneven floors, sinking, windows and doors which don’t close properly, tilting chimneys and cracks in drywall.

Excess Moisture
When water is not properly drained away from the house, it can contribute to water and West Hills water damage under your slab. Downspouts that are disconnected or the lack of gutters let excess water dump onto the soil near the foundation in heavy rainstorms. The soil will become over-saturated without the proper drainage. Landscaped beds and poor areas around the foundation don’t flow away from your home and add to drainage issues as well.
Any leaks under a slab foundation can present problems with West Hills water damage because of the excess moisture that can seep into your home. It could also cause lifting of the affected area, which pushes the soil up and affects the stability of the slab. Foundation problems with your home, once they’ve started, many times lead to more problems. They can be related directly to sheetrock cracks, floors that are uneven, mold in the basement, and can decrease the value of your property. Leaking water under a slab foundation will need the immediate attention of a professional service.

Get in touch with SERVPRO of Canoga Park/West Hills if you suspect you have a water leak under your foundation. Just call (818) 998-1500 so that they can come and evaluate your situation.

Canoga Park Water Damage--Call An Expert for Advice and Help

4/4/2016 (Permalink)

Water Drops Can Be a Problem for a Canoga Park Property--Call SERVPRO for Help

SERVPRO'S Expertise Can Salvage Your Water Damaged Canoga Park Home

No matter what caused it, you have Water Damage in your Canoga Park structure. That means many things, but for you, it means this is the time to call a company that specializes in residential water damage restoration. There are some tasks you can do, but some of the most critical matters need the attention of a trained, experienced crew that does this every day.

Tasks that must completed quickly can be listed along with the skill sets needed and you can determine what you can do and what needs the professional attention to detail available with a phone call to SERVPRO.

1. Since water can move everywhere, within your home, the technician has to inspect everywhere. This includes all crawlspaces, attics, closets, storage areas and behind, under and above suspicious areas. Special equipment, designed to locate water and moisture have to be utilized to find this liquid in between walls. Some devices are moisture meters, hygrometers for relative humidity, and infrared imaging cameras. This inspection must locate any damage done by water and molds and to find hidden moisture pockets.
2. Submersible pumps may have to be used for the standing water in places such as the basement or crawlspaces. After that, powerful wet vacuums must be used to remove any more water from the carpets, throw rugs and inside the walls where this water has accessed. Mops and buckets are always at the ready.

3. Industry grade air movers are placed to get air circulating and increase the rate of evaporation to enhance the drying process. Dehumidifiersare necessary to help the following actions by drying the air and contributing to elimination moisture.

4. Did you check with your insurance agent to see if you are covered by this water damaging event? Don't assume you are.

5. The building materials that may have to be discarded, such as porous drywall and ceiling tile, must be wrapped and disposed of in designated places around the city that accept this type of contaminated materials. SERVPRO can provide a report--the CCIS--that inventories salvageable and non-salvageable items and materials.

6. The cleaning, after removal of the water and any evidence of mold growth, must be complete and thorough to help prevent re-contamination and getting your house back to a clean and sanitary condition.

7. Restoration means to make the house look like it did before all of this damage occurred. This might mean replacing drywall and finishing it professionally. It can also mean doing some painting on walls, ceilings, baseboards or woodwork. Whatever it takes to restore your water damaged home to its pre-loss condition, SERVPRO has the training, expertise, and equipment to accomplish the work to your satisfaction.

If you encounter water damage in your Canoga Park home and you do not feel you are up to the job, call SERVPRO of Canoga Park / West Hills at (818) 998-1500 for an inspection and a rapid resolution of your problems.

How to Prevent Air Conditioner Water Damage in West Hills

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Change the AIr Filter to Maintain Your HVAC Unit from Poor Air or Water Damage

Call SERVPRO for West Hills Water Damage Repair Services

Air conditioners are designed to provide homeowners with comfort and humidity control during the hot summer months. However, what many homeowners do not realize is that some air conditioning systems can lead to water damage in their home. Typically, the damage is noticed too late for homeowners to be able to prevent it, and they need to contact West Hills water damage remediation experts to fix their home up again. Fortunately, you can learn to identify the signs of air conditioner water damage and prevent it from marring your home.

A good way to avoid West Hills residential water damage from an air conditioner is to change the system's air filter at least once or twice a month. During the replacement, you can also check your moisture levels and determine whether or not there is too much water in the area. With clean air filters, homeowners also help prevent their HVAC systems from working too hard, which usually leads directly to an increase in water waste from the unit and higher electric bills.

In addition to making sure that the system remains clean, it is important to have an expert service the unit at least once a year. Specialists can find water damage that you may overlook, and they have the tools necessary to deal with minor problems before they become large concerns. They can inspect the interior of the unit to make sure that there is no built-up dirt, algae, or other signs of damage, and a yearly inspection is often all that's necessary to keep the system functioning as needed.

SERVPRO of Canoga Park/West Hills can help you manage just about all types of damage, whether you need to have your West Hills water damage handled or your property inspected for mold damage. Our specialists are always standing by, and they can help make sure that your current water damage is taken care of as quickly as possible. No matter what type of damage your home is experiencing, call us at (818) 998-1500 to discover your options today.