What our Customers say...


I want to thank everyone who helped bring my house back to its amazing condition. The entire crew was so nice, polite, and professional. 

I would not have imagined that restoration work could be reasonably priced, but with the honest assessment of your SERVPRO manager, it was affordable and fast. 

Very good job for team!!!

Marco at SERVPRO was timely, efficient and helpful. Thank you

My mom's interior wall is natural stone and stays damp most of the time. She thought it was moss growing on the inside of her home. I saw it and told her it wasn't moss. Your team did a great job getting her mold out of there, all those spaces in between the stones, and checked all over her home for any other patches.  

I had a pipe burst in house.  Steve, Marco, Roman and Kristen were fast, clear, thorough, and made sure my house was safe throughout the process.  The insurance paid, so I can’t comment on the price, but the service was top notch.

Previous storm knocked a small-sized tree up against the house and my husband removed it himself. However, he didn't check the gutters and the next storm got our house flooded when the gutter pushed all the rain off the roof right in our window! Glad you have a pump truck and could get our house dried out so fast. 

Excellent and quick service with great follow up with each step of the repair. Also had great coordination with my insurance company.

My repair shop flooded but SERVPRO showed up and got everything back under control and saved my shop- tools, parts, even the furniture. One of my detailers made a sign that reads “a dry shop is a happy shop - thanks SERVPRO!” 

Giovanni Tomas  Expreso con P.O. as palabras do’s personas responsible senior eltrabajo muyprofessional. Estonia masque satisfecho muchas Garcia’s unavezn mas Estonia my satisfecho

Giovanni Tomas - I have few words to express -  two employees were very responsible and professional. I'm very satisfied with the work - many thanks.

Thomas, Gio and Roman have gone above and beyond to make this incident as quick and painless as possible.  They have been punctual, patient positive and most important of all detail oriented in all the remediation and have kept out two young kids in mind when doing their work.  I would highly recommend this company to any homeowner.  Job very well done.

Firefighters said to call your number to get things back to a livable state. They were right, glad we called you. Everyone I tell about your team says they sound great and very professional, which they definitely are. Thanks! 

I pulled up the carpet and found mold underneath it. Entire floor covered in mold. Disgusting. Called you and your tech people showed up and cleaned it up for me. Thanks! 

My gardener left several bags of soil up near the house. Bad move because it held the water up against the house and flooded my home. Your team did such a nice job getting things fixed up and dry again. 

My office continually smelled bad but I could not figure out the source. I contacted your company and I am more than happy with the effect of your services. Thank you. 

My friends who have businesses are going to hear about you after the great work you did at restoring my business after a fire.

I have no idea how you did it, but you restored my home so fast after the storms threatened to ruin it.

We were shocked at how much mold was growing under our kitchen sink, but even more surprised at how quickly you were able to clean it all up for us. Thank you!

17.  – Oh my goodness, our home was such a mess from the storms! Thankfully, SERVPRO took care of all of it for us and we were able to go back into our home in no time.

Water overtook my men’s store, but SERVPRO was still able to restore it for me so I could open back up again.

I called your company in for help when my sprinkler system malfunctioned at my factory. The mess was cleaned up fast – I was impressed.

Outstanding job restoring my retail store after it suffered quite a bit of flood damage. We appreciate your hard work and getting us back in business. We highly recommend SERVPRO to everyone who needs help.

Finding my basement covered in water was horrifying. I was sure all of my things were ruined in the flood. Thanks for getting here so quickly and going straight to work, so that so much of my stuff could be saved.

I was grossed out when I realized there was mold growing under my kitchen sink. Thanks for getting rid of it quickly and educating me on ways to prevent mold from growing elsewhere. Now I always remember to check things out.

It was an incredible job restoring my water damaged laundry room, walls, and living room. I highly recommend SERVPRO to anyone with this type of problem.

My teen’s first attempt to cook dinner resulted in a grease fire that damaged the cabinets, walls, and countertops. SERVPRO did a fantastic job fixing all the damage. Thanks again.

Having your home catch fire is traumatic, to say the least. I not only appreciate the work your team did to get my home back in order, but I appreciate the compassion everyone showed for my situation. No Smoky smell!

If you have a problem with mold, big or small, call these professionals today. They removed the mold in our Bell Canyon home. Thanks for the great work.

Thank you for providing us with phenomenal customer service. It was refreshing to talk to professionals who understand flood damage problems.

My daughter accidentally left a candle burning and fell asleep. After that one, bad decision our home was destroyed. We never thought we could have our home back to normal. Thanks to these Canoga Park fire damage restoration experts, we are together again as a family in our like new home. Thank you SERVPRO.

Late last week, I saw that there was water damage under my sink. I called this team of Winnetka water damage technicians! They responded quickly and with the right equipment!

Your technician was professional and understanding of my stress about my water damage, and took his time in assessing all the damage and working out a plan for remediation.

I would highly recommend this company to anyone who has fire damage restoration needs. They handled our case individually and professional every step of the way.

No matter what type of flood damage you’ve experienced, this company can handle it for you. Their professional team will have you back to normal in no time.

Most people think that they can clean up mold on their own, just like I did. However, the mold just came right back and I realized I needed help, so I called in your technicians. Now, I haven’t seen the mold return again.

This is such a fantastic company to work with, as they remained professional and friendly through each phase of our fire damage restoration process.