What our Customers say...

Mold Remediation Testimonials

My mom's interior wall is natural stone and stays damp most of the time. She thought it was moss growing on the inside of her home. I saw it and told her it wasn't moss. Your team did a great job getting her mold out of there, all those spaces in between the stones, and checked all over her home for any other patches.  

I pulled up the carpet and found mold underneath it. Entire floor covered in mold. Disgusting. Called you and your tech people showed up and cleaned it up for me. Thanks! 

We were shocked at how much mold was growing under our kitchen sink, but even more surprised at how quickly you were able to clean it all up for us. Thank you!

I was grossed out when I realized there was mold growing under my kitchen sink. Thanks for getting rid of it quickly and educating me on ways to prevent mold from growing elsewhere. Now I always remember to check things out.

If you have a problem with mold, big or small, call these professionals today. They removed the mold in our Bell Canyon home. Thanks for the great work.

Most people think that they can clean up mold on their own, just like I did. However, the mold just came right back and I realized I needed help, so I called in your technicians. Now, I haven’t seen the mold return again.